Exploring the Miami Beach Boardwalk (Sights)

Last weekend my little brother and I were going to the beach and I didn’t want to deal with South Beach (traffic, a lot of people, bad parking) and thought about doing Mid-Beach and checking out the boardwalk! I had heard a lot about the boardwalk that stretches up the beach from 23rd St to 46th St (and below 23rd St it’s a paved walkway down to the end of Miami Beach).

We started by looking for parking in a few of the public lots around 46th and 35th but they were packed! We also couldn’t find any street parking on the side streets off Collins in the 30s and 40s so I decided to do the public lot off 23rd. Parking is pretty hard to find in Mid-Beach so I’d actually recommend one of the lots off Collins and the low 20s and walking up. The great thing about that area too is that the beach isn’t crowded at all! It’s definitely less crowded than South Beach and a lot of North Beach.

The boardwalk is wide and has a good amount of foliage along both sides. It sets up a lot of great spots for views of the beach and water. It also makes it easy to walk up the beach and find the perfect spot- whether that is a spot with a lot of people or hardly any. Along the way you can check out a lot of the hotels and many of their pools. Some of the hotels have restaurants and shops inside if you can access the hotel from the beach, but the boardwalk is more for walking and the beach then businesses along the way. It’s definitely a new favorite, especially for a stroll along the beach without the hard walking that comes with all that sand!

Check out the pics of the boardwalk below and check it out sometime!

Miami Beach Boardwalk (23rd St to 46th St)










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