Named after one of my favorite places, plus my favorite food- Las Vegas (North Beach, Cuban)

The other week a best friend from high school was visiting in town (finally made a trip to Miami!) and I took them on a tour around Miami and out to a few of my favorite spots (driving around Miami and Miami Beach, lunch at Doraku, drinks on the beach). For dinner I gave them a couple options and they figured being in Miami they should try Cuban food. Since we had eaten a late lunch we were probably looking for something in North Beach and Las Vegas Cuban restaurant came to mind. It had been recommended long ago by a Cuban friend as pretty authentic Cuban food and I had brought out-of-towners there before, who really liked it. Plus it’s named after one of my favorite places!

Important to know for any Cuban restaurant review I am a rice and beans fanatic! I LOVE rice and beans! There may or may not have been times that I ate myself to almost throwing up to enjoy the deliciousness of rice and beans! One of the few things that could match my love for rice and beans is my love of Vegas (fitting!). So any stamp of approval from me is primarily based on the rice and beans.

Living in Miami for three years I’ve had a lot of different Cuban dishes and my favorite is the churrasco steak. Nowadays I tend to get that almost every time. However in my love of rice and beans I considered getting the ropa vieja, since it’s smaller, and getting an extra side of white rice (I told you I was obsessed!). However the other week we had Cuban catering at work and there was ropa vieja, so I stuck with the churrasco. What I love about the churrasco is that as a thin, skirt steak it’s juicy, tender, and flavorful. It also comes with a side of chimichurri, which is a combination of parsley, garlic, and olive oil. It’s amazing combination to dip the steak in it and add a kick of flavor and even more juicyness.

My friends got the regular chicken and the breaded chicken. The regular chicken is flattened into a filet and topped with onions, while the breaded chicken had marinara sauce, ham, and cheese on top. They thought both were really good. My friend also got an order of the chicken empanadas. While I couldn’t eat them they did look delicious and my friends said they were good and very filling! I would have loved to try them obviously, but I coped by having some of their awesome sangria!

I’m sure at this point after my long tangent you’re wondering how the rice and beans were. They were awesome! I love that Cuban rice in general is cooked in oil and Las Vegas’ had the great flavor from the oil and were moist. The beans were also flavorful and delicious. At a lot of Cuba restaurants I usually like one of the rice and beans but not the other (rice is a bit dry or the beans flavoring is off to me), but Las Vegas is a winner with both! While the churrasco was delicious and I was stuffed before finishing my plate I still wanted to eat more rice and beans… (I told you I’m obsessed!). The entrees also came with fried plantains on top that are a nice complement of sweet to the savoryness of the rest of the dish.

Las Vegas restaurants have great large servings of Cuban dishes and delicious rice and beans and plantains (the plantains are probably a bit jealous right now of all the attention the rice and beans have been getting) on the side. To me it seems very authentic and it comes endorsed by my Cuban friend! They have locations around Miami and would definitely recommend it for people looking for good Cuban food in Miami, especially given the big servings and many locations!

Las Vegas Cuban Restaurants- 6970 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL (locations also in Hollywood, Plantation, Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Coral Gables, Hallandale, and Miami)

Chicken Empanadas
The Sangria
The churrasco with chimichurri, white rice, and fried plantains
Black Beans

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