Designer Food in the Design District- Crumb on Parchment (Cafe, Gluten-Free)

The other day for work we had a team breakfast and my co-worker chose Crumb on Parchment. I knew it was Chef Michelle Bernstein’s bakery and had passed the sign in the Design District so I was excited to eat there! I just was worried, more wondering, how many gluten-free options they’d have at the bakery. Luckily they had a naturally gluten-free option and in fact had gluten-free bread!

Crumb on Parchment is in the lobby of a shopping center in the Design District, surrounded by a lot of crazy luxury stores like Cartier, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes. It’s pretty amazing how quickly a lot of the Design District has changed and the different luxury stores have moved in near the furniture and interior design firms. There still is a lot more changes coming coming down the line and a larger shopping center in the middle of it, but Crumb on Parchment is a great current star.

The bakery is a collection of couches, chairs, and tables in the lobby with a counter along the back wall. You order at the counter and then they bring it to your table. The counter is full of the delicious daily baked goods in display cases and there’s a chalkboard on the wall with breakfast and lunch options. The breakfast column had 5-6 options while lunch had two columns of sandwiches and salads. Unfortunately one of the few gluten-free options was the eggs platter and the meat sides.

I ordered the eggs with a side of chicken apple sausage since I wasn’t super hungry. The server questioned why I wasn’t getting the potatoes, because he said they were delicious, and toast. I agreed to get the potatoes because they came with tomatoes, shallots, and butter and sounded intriguing. I said no toast though because I’m allergic. He asked what allergy I had and then told me they had gluten-free bread! The eggs and chicken apple sausage were good and high-quality and the potatoes were also delicious. The gluten-free bread was also really good, especially with butter and jam! With the butter and jam you really couldn’t tell it was gluten-free bread at all! The next time I go I think I’ll ask if they can make their breakfast sandwich (which my friend raved about) with gluten-free bread.

The rest of my team got a lot of other delicious stuff. They got a peaches and cream muffin and ginger cake, which both got big raves! Two of them got the breakfast burrito, which was delicious, and they liked how it was actually pretty light. The other two got the chorizo quiche that came out right as we were ordering. I had a bite of the top (sans crust) and it was awesome! Egg with the hint of cream and just right amount of chorizo!

Crumb on Parchment is a really cool space in the Design District with a lot of comfortable seating, accents like a garden arch, and was very calm and relaxed (especially being in the lobby of a building). For gluteners there are some awesome baked goods and a lot of delicious breakfast foods and sandwiches/salads. For gluten-frees they have gluten-free bread so I will definitely be back to try either the breakfast sandwich or one of the other sandwiches for lunch! The Design District is also a really cool place to check out either for the luxury stores, design firms, or also the awesome de la Cruz Collection (link here), so Crumb on Parchment is a great relaxed spot to stop off.

Crumb on Parchment- 3930 NE 2nd Ave Miami, FL

Peaces and cream muffin
Ginger bread
Chorizo quiche
Breakfast burrito
Scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, chicken apple sausage, gluten-free bread




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