An anticipated neighborhood favorite- Josh’s Deli (Brunch, Surfside)

My friend and I had been talking about checking out Josh’s Deli for a long time and finally did last Saturday! It was one stop on his Miami farewell tour before he moves up to NYC at the end of the month. People had mentioned Josh’s Deli to me, although it usually came up when I raved about the gluten-free sandwiches at Jason’s Deli (post here) and people thought I meant Josh’s. Even though they’re different and Josh’s doesn’t have gluten-free sandwiches it was something I still wanted to check out. Another reason I really wanted to check it out is that Josh’s Deli Twitter is often in conversation with a lot of Miami food bloggers and other great restaurants (like Blue Collar!). Great company seemed like a good stamp of approval. It certainly was a great choice and one I’ll be hitting up often since it’s just up the street in Surfside!

My friend and his fiancee (as of the Sunday before!) picked me up and we headed up to Surfside. There was plenty of parking in the big public lot on Abbott Ave (behind the CVS). Josh’s is across Harding and down a few storefronts from CVS. We almost walked by it because it’s in a pretty unassuming storefront, but that definitely fits with the vibe and feel of a great neighborhood deli.

The menu is a mix of bagels, egg, and hash dishes (including duck hash), plus some specialities (like white chocolate chip pancakes and Challah French toast) for breakfast and then a variety of sandwiches on their house rye, soups, salads, and sides. I asked our waitress if the latkes (one of the appetizers) were gluten-free because they came as part of the juevos heberos specialty (like juevos rancheros but with latkes instead of tortillas). They were so I got that! My friend got the Jewban sandwich, which was a Cuban sandwich with pastrami (which they’re famous for) added. His fiancee got the three eggs with mushrooms, spinach, and onions, while one of their friends who joined us got the special of the day- sofrito negro with braised bacon and clams benedict.

The juevos heberos came out as a skillet full of chili with two poached egg on top and the latke on the side. The latke was very crispy and good I just wish there had been more of them to go with the chili. The chili was very filling- lots of bean and pieces of ground beef- and with a spicy kick. The gooey poached egg on top was a great addition and provided a nice contrast to the chili. Of the other dishes my friend went crazy over the Jewban sandwich. It was pretty clear from across the table how delicious it was and how much he loved it. The bacon and clams benedict looked pretty awesome and delicious when it came out.

After we were all pretty stuffed the waitress came and asked if we wanted dessert. I’m pretty sure everyone thought they were too full for dessert, but figured why not ask what there was. It was a doughnut sampler with banana foster, mixed nuts, and cappuccino flavors. It sounded pretty good to everybody else (I wish I could have them!) so they indulged. The doughnuts came out looking pretty delicious and decadent (check out the pics below). The mixed nuts seemed to be the consensus favorite at the table!

Josh’s Deli has all the quality and delicious ingredients you’d expect from an authentic delicatessen. Their specialities are their pastrami and rye bread and it was clear they’re a killer combination from my friend devouring that sandwich and his ravings. In terms of breakfast food the juevos hebreros was awesome and I definitely want to go back to try and eggs with pastrami and peppers and the corned beef hash. It definitely was as good as I was expecting! Check out Josh’s Deli for brunch or great sandwiches when you’re around Surfside or just in general!

Josh’s Deli- 9517 Harding Ave Surfside, FL

The Juevos Hebreros- chili with poached egg on top and latke on side
The Jewban Sandwich– link to Josh’s Deli Instagram and pic of the bacon and clam benedict

Doughnut sampler


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