Elegance early in the morning (+ a stunning lobby)- Grand Floridian Cafe (Breakfast, Orlando)

Last week work brought my team to Orlando and we spent some time at Disney World (needless to say I ,as a big kid at heart, was pretty ecstatic and had a blast)! On Friday we met my boss’ cousin (who is part of the Disney internship program) for breakfast. Our Disney hotel only had one of the fast-casual restaurants so they looked into some of the other hotel restaurants. I’m glad they picked the Grand Floridian because it is an incredible hotel and the cafe was a great choice!

You walk into the lobby of the Grand Floridian and it’s immediately stunning (see pics below). Along the way we passed 1900 Park Fare, which is where they have one of the character breakfasts. My boss’ cousin told us that they only have characters that were either from the Victorian age or had been written by the early 1900s like Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh characters. She recommended it as a great character breakfast and buffet!

We however ate at the Grand Floridian Cafe, which is white and airy, and reminds me a lot of the resorts in the Midwest along the Great Lakes (like one of my favorite places- the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island). The menu has a mix of classic breakfast options and some more unique ones. My co-worker/friend got really excited to try the lobster eggs benedict and another got the vanilla-infused French toast. I went for the American breakfast, which came with two eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon, sausage, and biscuits. First off I loved that it came with both bacon and sausage (why should you have to choose!). The breakfast potatoes were also quite a surprise because they were super delicious! They were the shredded hashbrown kind, which are my favorite, and seemed to have either cheese or lots of butter in them, which made them rich and filling. I was super tempted to order an extra side of just them!

Others got the American breakfast and my boss’ cousin got the Mickey waffle! The friend who got the lobster eggs Benedict raved about it and was super happy with her choice, though she did say it was very rich (but delicious!), and the friend who got the vanilla-infused French toast liked them a lot too.

We were all really happy with the food and it wasn’t that expensive (things were all in the low to high teens) considering that the Grand Floridian is Disney’s flagship resort. It seemed like a great deal for the quality of food and the atmosphere. Plus we got to enjoy seeing the Grand Floridian hotel itself, which I think is awesome. Check out the pics below of the food and hotel and think about this for a breakfast option when you’re at Disney World!

Grand Floridian Cafe- 4401 Floridian Way Orlando, FL


Lobster egg Benedict
Vanilla-infused French toast
American breakfast
No title necessary but might as well- Mickey waffle!
Grand Floridian Cafe


The stunning lobby of the Grand Floridian







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