Exercise in paradise- Surfside and Bal Harbour Walking Path (Sights)

I immediately became a huge fan of this path and the extension into Bal Harbour. In Surfside it’s a path separated from the beach by grasslands. It’s hard, compacted sand so it’s super easy to walk and run. You’re close to the beach and get the views and waves crashing, but it’s much easier than running on the regular beach sand. I also really like the beach next to the path. It’s not very crowded and very calm. It runs from 87th Terrace to technically 96th St (then continues into Bal Harbour). Paralleling the walking path is a larger path for bicycles that backs up onto all the buildings that line Collins in Surfside. The area reminds me a lot of the beaches more in Broward and Palm Beach. The buildings are mostly residential and some hotels, the beaches are narrower than in South Beach, and again calm and less crowded. Also the grasslands always remind me a bit of West Coast beaches, which I appreciate sometimes.

That first time I only went up to 96th St and then went down the Broad Causeway, but since then I’ve gone all the way up to the end of Bal Harbour and the bridge and been down the Bal Harbour path. It has a bit of a different feel than the Surfside path. It’s a bit wider, winds along the beach, it’s lined with a a lot of palm trees. Very much tropical experience under the shade of the palm trees having great views of the ocean. It as well has a “service road-like” larger path paralleling it that I believe you can bike down. You can go both ways up the path but I also like going up/down Collins Ave through Bal Harbour one of the ways. Collins Ave has palm trees lining it’s median and on the beach side has a lot of tall buildings. It’s a weak comparison but sometimes it kind of reminds me of the Strip in Vegas (especially the St. Regis reminds me a lot of the Wynn and Encore). Just note that bicycles aren’t allowed on the sidewalks in Bal Harbour and oddly there are no biking lanes… I’d stick to the beach paths instead of risking traffic on Collins.

Great views and spots while exercising! Check out the pics below because I think they do a better job of explaining why I love my new route (and one of the main reasons I really love Surfside and Bal Harbour!).









One of the Surfside turtles- this one called “Freedom” by Nancy Martini



View of the channel at the end of Bal Harbour


Top of the Bal Habour walking path




2 thoughts on “Exercise in paradise- Surfside and Bal Harbour Walking Path (Sights)

  1. FYI It is now legal to ride on the sidewalk in Bal Harbour. The beach path is great, I use it often, but sometimes due to wind, rain or time I need the faster street route. It’s now a legal option.

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