The most delicious and creamiest of burgers (plus truffle fries)!- Little Big Burger (Portland)

After our hike through Forest Park (blog post here) my friend and I started to think about what to do after. She had been craving Little Big Burger on this visit to Portland and since they now have a location on NW 23rd it seemed like the perfect way to refuel (after burning all those calories!) at the bottom of our hike!

This same friend actually had taken me to Little Big Burger before on one of my earlier Portland trips. I had gotten their truffle oil fries and also had gotten one of their burgers, which people were raving about! I was a big big fan of their truffle fries and thought it was well worth their famous reputation! They were super crispy and the truffle flavor was the perfect amount (not just drenched in truffle oil like some places do). The burger I got with American cheese, which ended up being a mistake. Not because it wasn’t good, it definitely was solid, but it was a mistake to pass up on the goat cheese burger.

I definitely have developed into a less picky eater just in the last year or two and so this time I ordered the chevre (goat cheese) burger. I don’t know why I didn’t get it before, but I kind of associated goat cheese with like bleu cheese that I am not as big of a fan of (even though yes I know they are quite different). But the chevre burger was awesome! Quick back story: I recently had been going a bit crazy with cream cheese on different things. It started with ordering omelettes with cream cheese (it might sound weird but the creaminess is the perfect complement to the eggs). Just a few mornings prior to my Little Big Burger trip I made this awesome sandwich breakfast sandwich with eggs and cream cheese! So I was on a bit of a cream cheese kick. Why do I mention this? Well the goat cheese was like having cream cheese on my burger- similar consistency but with a bit more of a distinct flavor. Anyways the creamy flavor of the goat cheese with the burger was incredible and then it was clear why Little Big Burger had its reputation!

Little Big Burger has exploded and now has locations in the Pearl, NW Portland, SW Portland, SE Portland, N Portland, and Eugene! They are a great quick stop for quality burgers, fries, and floats! If you’re in Portland Little Big Burger is worth a stop!

Little Big Burger- 930 NW 23rd Ave Portland (plus locations in Pearl, SW Portland, N Portland, SE Portland, Eugene)

Truffle fries
It looks incredibly messy but man was the chevre (goat cheese) burger good!

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