Our trek along the Bend Ale Trail! (Central Oregon, Breweries)

On the last night of my friend’s bachelor party we decided to head into Bend and explore part of the Bend Ale Trail. Similar to Portland Bend is huge on microbreweries and there are 11 breweries on the Bend Ale Trail (with a 12th stop in Sisters). The Ale Trail has it’s own passport to fill out for prizes (plus an iPhone and Android app!), but clearly 11 is a big undertaking so we decided to just check out a few people’s favorites.

We started at the Good Life Brewing Company, which a lot of people wanted to check out. It has an awesome beer garden in the back, which was perfect for dusk on a summer night. Also awesome for a group of guys was that there were lawn games for us to get super competitive over- Bocce ball, corn hole, and ladder toss. I came through in the clutch a few times in our Bocce ball win! Good Life has a lot of ales and IPAs that were favorites of my friends. Unfortunately as the gluten-free I was a bit left out (no cider), but I still loved Good Life for the beer garden and all the games! Given that my friends like to consider themselves some beer connoisseurs and they liked it, plus the great atmosphere it still gets my recommendation and I’m glad Good Life was our first stop.

Our second stop was 10 Barrel Brewing Company, a favorite already of a few people in the group. It had a great patio and restaurant that was open to the outside, plus a bar that was half outside/half inside. Since we were a big group we decided to not wait for a table and ordered our drinks at the bar and then hung out on the patio. Unfortunately 10 Barrel didn’t have cider either, but they did have some pretty cheap mixed drinks (especially compared to Miami)! One of my friends got a huge beer sampler with beers with names like Apocolypse IPA, Swill, and Sinistor Black. The pub also had typical pub food- burgers, pizza, and apps- but we were all pretty full from our pulled-pork and BBQ dinner.

If you’re a big beer fan you can’t beat the Oregon microbrews and the Bend Ale Trail is an awesome way to check out a lot of different beers and breweries, plus there are prizes for visiting all of them! Good Life and 10 Barrel Brewing Companies were perfect for group to hang out and drink. Check out all the stops on the Bend Ale Trail and details on the passport here.

Good Life Brewing Company's Beer Garden
Good Life Brewing Company’s Beer Garden
Ladder toss
Ladder toss
Bocce ball
Bocce ball
10 Barrel Brewing Company's Patio
10 Barrel Brewing Company’s Patio
The outside part of the bar
The outside part of the bar


10 Barrel's Beer Sampler
10 Barrel’s Beer Sampler

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