PHOTO POST: Forget sometimes I grew up here- Central Oregon Trip

One of the weekends I was in Portland I went to Black Butte in Central Oregon for a friend’s bachelor party. It was awesome to spend some time in another part of Oregon, because pretty much all my trips back to Portland have been too short to really go anywhere else.

Central Oregon is really beautiful, especially in the summer. It’s a mix of desert and forest ringed by a lot of mountains, hills, and buttes. It also has some really incredible sunsets. Central Oregon has an insane number of things to do- endless number of outdoor activities, cool towns to explore (Sisters, Bend), breweries, and more. It was a pretty relaxed weekend for us of golfing and checking out some breweries on the Bend Ale trail (blog post here). There were many times I felt like I couldn’t have grown up in Oregon given how in awe sometimes I was by Central Oregon’s beauty! Check out the pics below!

The Santiam River on the way to Central Oregon
Black Butte
The cool, hip, artsy small town of Sisters






An awesome view to golf to!



Sunset in Central Oregon

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