7+ months of anticipation- Tasty n Sons (Portland, Brunch, Spanish Tapas)

For a very long time I had been hearing about Tasty n Sons and what a good brunch (AH Portland brunch!) it had! Around Christmas my friends and I had tried to go for Saturday brunch, but it was an hour and a half wait and we were starving, so we had to pass… Finally 7 months later one of those friends and I went for a late lunch on a Wednesday while I was visiting. The two of us were able to get seated right away, but it was still packed for a random Wednesday afternoon. According to the show Portlandia Portland is where young people go to retire, so maybe a lot of people have the freedom to hang out there all the time. I think it might be a combination of that and how popular it is from its great food!

Luckily for the 7 months younger version of me the brunch menu is available everyday until 2:30 PM. For what I had pictured it didn’t have that much breakfast food. It definitely had some, but it also had a lot of different Spanish tapas options with small and large plates. If there is anything that can match my love of brunch it’s Spanish tapas (along with rice & beans and sushi)!

Sticking though with the brunch theme I ordered the house chorizo omelet, but I also got a couple of their griddled bacon wrapped dates with maple syrup & almonds. Since I want the bacon-wrapped dates at Sugarcane in Miami (blog post here) to be part of my final meal I always need to go for bacon wrapped dates. The chorizo omelet was great! First off the house chorizo was delicious, but the omelet also had tomato sauce with some veggies and cheese in the middle. The fillings were more “wrapped” in the egg so it got a bit messy, but very delicious! The bacon wrapped dates were definitely different than Sugarcane’s, but I liked that these were a sweet/salty mix with the syrup and bacon, plus a bit of crunch from the almonds. Since it was a late lunch I was pretty hungry so I also got an order of the potatoes bravas with an over-easy egg. We have a lot of great Spanish tapas places in Miami, no surprise, but I think these potatoes bravas might have been my favorite. The potatoes were crispy, but the aioli sauce was what made it so great. A nice balance of creamy tomato flavor with a kick on top of the potatoes, accentuated with the gooey egg on top!

My friend went for the polenta & sausage ragu with mozzarella & over easy egg, which she said was awesome! She also got their Tasty Mary cocktail, which is one of their “Marys”. Tasty n Sons has a reputation for its drinks along with brunch and besides their Bloody Marys they also have a lot of different kind of Bubbles (mimosas and drinks with a little different kinds of juices and liquors) and other Marys.

Tasty n Sons was a great meal and I’m glad I finally got to visit after waiting so long to try it! The other aspect of my visit was just how much North Williams Ave has changed! When I was growing up there was really nothing on Williams Ave. A couple buildings here and there and many were empty. Now there are several condo towers and buildings with a lot of businesses. As I walked to Tasty n Sons there were tons of people walking around, when previously there would have been no one really. There’s a brewery there now, a deli, yoga studio, and more restaurants and stores. Towards the end of when I was in high school and into college Mississippi Ave had been developing, but Williams really has changed dramatically just since I moved to Miami. It’s quite a surprise anytime I visit! Tasty n Sons is just one of the great places to check out now on Williams! If you’re looking for a place for Portland brunch or Spanish tapas check out Tasty n Sons (or it’s sister restaurant Tasty n Alder). Just get there early or go mid-week! Or you might end up waiting seven months like I did to try the great food!

Tasty n Sons- 3808 N Williams Ave Portland, OR


Chorizo Omelet
Griddled Bacon Wrapped Dates w/ Maple Syrup and Almonds
Sausage and Ragu Polenta w/ Over-Easy Egg
Potatoes Bravas with Over-Easy Egg
Salt and pepper



North Williams Ave



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