Betraying Sun River for Black Butte and becoming nostalgic for Zoo fries- Robert’s Pub (Central Oregon, American)

During my friend’s bachelor party in Central Oregon two of the nights we hit up a restaurant called Robert’s Pub that’s on the golf course in Black Butte. I debated whether to make a post about it since it’s a pretty specific place- really only people staying in Black Butte would have a need for it and most people who visit Black Butte grew up visiting the resort and would know Robert’s Pub well. This was actually my first time going to Black Butte. In Portland if your family vacationed in Central Oregon you either grew up going to Black Butte or Sun River exclusively. You rarely ever went to the other unless you went with a friend’s family. And I always had been to Sun River. I’ll save the differences between the two for another time (in my opinion there aren’t too many though I have friends who will passionately argue it), but I loved both my trips to Robert’s Pub (maybe it has to do with the stand-up name!) and figured I’d share.

On our first trip there were a few things that I wanted to get- the steak Cobb salad, the Southwest Verde burger, and the chili Verde nachos. I narrowed it down to the steak Cobb and nachos and asked the waitress for her recommendation. She said the nachos were entree size and that the house made chili Verde was really good, but the salad was good too. I decided to go for the nachos because of the house chili Verde (can’t get it anywhere else right?!). First off it was way bigger than an “entree”, but it was delicious! The chili had good flavor and combined with the jack cheese, sour cream, and cilantro creme it was gooey goodness, but with crunch from the tortilla chips and jalapenos (at least until the end when it becomes that big mess). My friends got different things like the burgers, wings, etc. All got thumbs up from them, especially the burgers.

I also tried a few of my friend’s fries that came with the burger and they were so awesome I think they deserve their own paragraph! They reminded me of Zoo fries, which along with the Mocheezmo Mouse restaurant (which supposedly is making a comeback!!), is one of my most favorite nostalgic things from childhood! Zoo fries at the Oregon Zoo were fluffy, with a slight crisp, and in the shape of animals! They also had the best potato taste ever! The fries at Robert’s Pub reminded me of Zoo fries (without the animal shapes of course). A bit crispy but also potato fluffy! Even though I was ridiculously stuffed from the nachos (no one person should eat that many, but somehow I did) I could have eaten plates of those fries!

On our second stop at the Pub right before driving back to Portland I went for the steak Cobb salad this time, along with a side of fries! It’s all the flavors I love of a regular Cobb salad- bacon, egg, blue cheese, lettuce, and Ranch dressing- but with some really juicy and tender steak. The steak is sliced up grilled chimichurri skirt steak. For Central Oregon it was pretty close to a Cuban churrasco from Miami! It was a pretty filling salad, but I of course couldn’t stop by without getting some of my new favorite fries.

If you’re visiting Black Butte or close by Robert’s Pub is a great stop for a meal with a lot of choices, plus some great views of the butte and the golf course! A lot of the menu is also available for takeout! If anyone else is a big Zoo fries fan make sure to check out the fries at Robert’s Pub and let me know if you taste the similarities!

Robert’s Pub- Black Butte Ranch 3020 Hawksbeard Rd Sisters, OR 97759

The Chili Verde Nachos
The steak Cobb salad and side of fries
Part of the view from around Robert’s Pub

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