Breakfast of champions = huge portions of delicious hash- Gravy (Portland, N Mississippi Ave, Breakfast)

Last Christmas a friend and I were going to grab breakfast on one of my last days in Portland. We sort of met in the middle at a place called Gravy on Mississippi Ave. I got the corned beef hash (a hash being my favorite breakfast food!) and it was awesome! However I didn’t blog about it at the time because I was being pretty lazy about blogging in December/January…

After that incredible hash it was a must-do on my recent Portland trip. So on a weekday breakfast with my parents I had us go to Gravy. When I checked over the menu I at first wasn’t sure if I had gotten the corned beef has or roast beef hash before. On closer inspection though the roast beef hash had sweet and hot peppers with garlic and I know the hash last time didn’t have that- corned beef it was! This time I thought I’d mix it up and try the roast beef hash. It was a great choice because I think it is one of my top breakfast meals! The hash browns in the hash were super crispy (my favorite) and the roast beef was tender and in little strips. What it actually reminded me of was like a breakfast beef fried rice. The hash browns were crispy almost like rice and the beef with peppers gave it a spicy kick. The serving was huge and it also came with eggs and regular hash browns on the side. Too much for me to eat (amazing I know!). The hash was great as leftovers also!

My mom got the smoked salmon hash and eggs, which was similarly a huge portion, which she really liked, while my dad got the veggie omelet. Besides the hashes there are several different omelets, country fried steak, steak and eggs, plus a lot of quality meats and veggies you can have on the side or in omelets (sausage, bacon, broccoli, jalapeno, ham, veggie sausage, a lot of cheeses, and more). Gravy has the atmosphere of a Portland coffee shop, but with delicious hashes, omelets, and breakfast food! That roast beef hash has me salivating right now thinking about it. It’s definitely one of my favorite breakfast places in Portland! For a Portland brunch experience with some delicious food (especially if you like hash!) check out Gravy on N Mississippi (which is also a must see place in Portland!).

Gravy- 3957 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR

The Roast Beef Hash (behind the hash browns and eggs)
Smoked Salmon Hash
Veggie Omelet and breakfast potatoes
So Portland coffee shop!

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