Taking care of that pasta craving- Pastini Pasteria (Portland, Gluten-Free, Italian)

One of my last meals in Portland (well besides the ritual visit to Skyline Burger- old blog post here) was lunch with a friend at Pastini Pasteria. I had been a bunch of times before for their gluten-free pasta. Now Pastini Pasteria is a solid chain, but nothing extraordinaire, but I still thought a blog post could be worth it for gluten-frees looking for pasta. The gluten-free pasta is pretty good and with the different sauces can really take care of a pasta craving for gluten-frees.

On previous trips I had gotten their fettuccine Alfredo with chicken, usually my go-to with gluten-free pasta (the sauce covers it up well to give the texture and “taste” of regular pasta). I also had gotten the orecchiete with Italian sausage, tomatoes, arugula, and broccolini in garlic and olive oil. That definitely became a new favorite because it’s much lighter than the fettuccine Alfredo and has a lot of different flavors because of the ingredients. Pastini Pasteria puts their gluten-free pasta on separate plates and seems to do a pretty good job of trying to prevent cross-contamination.

On this trip I started with an order of caprese salad. Since most Italian restaurants don’t have many gluten-free options the mozzarella and tomatoes are usually one of the things I always get. While looking over the pasta options I noticed the pasta carbonara. I of course had heard it mentioned as a pasta dish, but never really realized what it was (side effect of being gluten-free). The creamy Parmesan sauce and pancetta (along with peas) sounded pretty good to me, at least to give a try over the fettuccine or orecchiete. I got some chicken added to make it more substantial. It’s now my new favorite dish! It has the rich creamy flavor of the fettuccine without the heaviness, plus a bit of the variety of ingredients like the orecchiete.

Pastini Pasteria is a pretty decent chain in Portland in general for Italian and pasta. The gluten-free pasta isn’t anything special but it does the trick and you can put your favorite sauces and toppings on it. If you’re gluten-free and really craving pasta it will certainly do the trick!

Pasta Pastini (locations across Portland)


Caprese Salad
Pasta Carbonara


2 thoughts on “Taking care of that pasta craving- Pastini Pasteria (Portland, Gluten-Free, Italian)

  1. I go to Pasta Pastini every time I visit Portland for work. The nice thing about their gluten-free pasta option is that they do not charge you extra. Too many restaurants jack up the prices of gluten-free meals but not this restaurant.

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