A land of sugar and gluten-free dough- Original Pancake House (Minneapolis and nationwide, Gluten-Free, Restaurant)

The morning of my friend’s wedding in Minneapolis (small recap and details of my downtown Minneapolis exploration here) another friend and I went out to breakfast with one of her friends. One of the ideas was Mickey’s Diner in St. Paul, which is the diner in the Mighty Ducks movies! Although they are some incredible movies and I have a deep love for another Ducks team we went instead to the Original Pancake House in Eden Prarie, which her friend described as the best place for breakfast in Minneapolis. The wait was pretty long and there were a lot of people waiting outside so the title of best breakfast place seemed to fit. Not surprised at all because the ORIGINAL Original Pancake House was started in Portland in 1953 and we all know the best things come from Portland!

While I know I went to the Original Pancake House growing up in Portland I had wanted to check it out more recently because I saw it on a gluten-free list somewhere. I have yet to find a breakfast place in Miami to replace the gluten-free goodness of Besaw’s in Portland (blog post here) and there were locations in the Miami-area marked as gluten-free friendly. The location in Eden Prarie, Minnesota certainly did not disappoint on the gluten-free end! Many of their pancakes, waffles, French toast, and crepes are gluten-free.

Getting one of those was a must and I honed in on the crepes. I don’t think I ever had a crepe before. Certainly not one that was gluten-free and I don’t think I ever “cheated” to try a regular one. I went for the gluten-free strawberry crepes. Despite being sure of my decision I couldn’t stop thinking about the corned beef hash, one of my go-to breakfast items. I definitely was craving something savory. So I just decided to get both! Since this trip was in September I can’t remember exactly what happened next, but I am pretty sure the corned beef hash came with pancakes on the side. However it may be that reflecting back I’m just hoping that was the case instead of me ordering a side of pancakes on top of all the other stuff….. But I mean I had to try it all!

The strawberry crepes were awesome! They were sweet, flaky, and fluffy all together. It definitely was a consistency that I’m not used to usually with gluten-free substitutes. Strawberries are my favorite fruit so the strawberry topping and filling were the perfect complement. Then you throw on some whip cream!… I think I am licking my lips right now remembering them. I almost hate to say this but I can’t deny these beat Besaw’s gluten-free French toast with strawberries on top (Besaw’s you know I still love you!!!). It definitely was the right decision from the gluten-free menu for me since I had never had a crepe before.

The corned beef hash was also great and hit the savory spot like I was looking for. It was a nice balance to the sugar overdose of the crepes too. Not surprisingly I didn’t really have room for the pancakes so I took them to go. It became an afternoon snack I think and they were also good. I had brought some butter packets with them so I spread that on, but didn’t have any syrup. Despite that they tasted delicious. Usually gluten-free pancakes I like to smother in syrup since they can be a bit dry and this was definitely not the case. It’s nice to know that not only does OPH offer gluten-free options, but at least at the Eden Prarie location they are top-notch substitutes!

The visit to the Original Pancake House was a big success and this location in Edina, Minnesota was a gluten-free powerhouse! There are locations in Miami that I definitely will need to check out. Many are listed as gluten-free friendly and I am hoping they have the crepes! A list of all the locations with the gluten-free friendly ones in blue can be found here. If you’re looking for gluten-free breakfast in Minneapolis you should definitely check out the Original Pancake House in Eden Prarie, Minnesota. If you’re not gluten-free and looking for an overall great breakfast experience you should also keep it in mind. If you’re elsewhere in the country and come across an Original Pancake House check to see if it has a gluten-free menu. I’ll hopefully be reporting back soon on a location in Miami!

Original Pancake House- 549 Prairie Center Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 and locations across the country

General Original Pancake House Website- http://www.originalpancakehouse.com/

Eden Prarie OPH Website- http://www.ophmn.com/

Gluten-free strawberry crepes
Gluten-free pancakes
Corned beef hash
The delicious sugary strawberry mess that the crepes become

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