Hoping 2014 is the year- Miami Dolphins (Sports, Events)

In catching up on old blog posts I was looking through the pictures on my phone and came across pics from one of the Dolphins’ games this year. I had blogged about the Heat, Marlins, and Hurricanes so I figured it was only fair I do the Dolphins too. Especially since I do really enjoy their games. The thing about the Dolphins is that a lot of times they keep the games exciting, but then have a way of disappointing you. Not always but it is kind of a consistent theme. This theme is also how this last season (2013) went for the Dolphins. Putting all that aside though Dolphins games are still a lot of fun, even just for the fact it’s a NFL game.

Back in November I took my little brother, his actual little brother, and his cousin to the Dolphins game vs. the Panthers. In true Miami tailgating fashion we stopped off at Publix and then hung out at my car in one of the parking lots (see pics from a similar tailgating session at a Canes game here). All of them were really excited to watch the game in our seats and spent a lot of time looking around and pointing out certain players. It was pretty hot even in November, but we got some cloud cover at certain points, which was nice.

I think a lot of Dolphins fans will agree that certain games and seasons can be disappointing, but despite that I think a lot of fans still have great energy at the games. Cheering for the Dolphins is still loud and there’s a lot of noise when trying to psych out the other team. There also are some cool Dolphins traditions like the Miami Dolphins song (check out a video here), which the whole stadium sings, and yelling “that’s another Miami Dolphins 1ST DOWN!” with the hand signal.

This particular game unfortunately fit almost perfectly with the exciting, but then disappointing, theme. The Dolphins were up for most of the game and had some exciting catches and one interception off Cam Newton, which I always love to see! Unfortunately the Panthers scored once in the third to narrow the lead to only three and then the Panthers made a late drive to score with 44 seconds left in the game. This was despite the fact that the Dolphins had the Panthers at 4th and 10 earlier in the drive… Final score 20-16 Panthers.

Despite the outcome my little brother, his brother, and his cousin had a blast at their first NFL game. We also apparently were on TV twice, which they were really excited to hear about from their family.

Hopefully 2014 will be a better year for the Dolphins, but even so their games still have a fun atmosphere and experience despite several disappointing seasons and its something to definitely check out in Miami. GO FINS!






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