I’m in the market for an Audi R8, maybe a Ferrari 458 Spider- Miami International Auto Show (Events, November)

When I was growing up my dad and I would go to the Portland Auto Show every year. Last year I was in Portland for a wedding in January so we were actually able to go. Surprisingly for all my love of cars I hadn’t yet been to the Miami Auto Show in my first three years. I knew that needed to change and I also thought it would be a cool thing to take my little brother.

The Miami International Auto Show is two weekends in November at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  Being in South Beach traffic and parking can be a bit crazy with the regular weekend beach jam. Luckily it wasn’t terrible to park in the big garage on 17th and Pennsylvania for us.

The line for tickets was quite long and wove around several times in front of the building. The workers walked down the line letting you know you could buy tickets on your phone and go straight to the door. I did that and it worked really easily. You can order as many tickets as you need and it comes in one order to scan on your phone. No need for a phone per person or ticket. I will definitely be doing that ahead of time next year.

Similar to the Portland Auto Show the Miami Auto Show has all the major brands. Last year when I went to the Portland Auto Show I remember it not being as exciting as years past. I realized that’s probably because every parking garage in Miami is stocked full of Ferrari’s, Maserati’s, and even a Lambourgini here and there. Sometimes when I’m out for a run and I see like five BMW’s pass by in a row. They’re like sheep in New Zealand. The advantage of going to the auto show now though is that I can theoretically look into cars I want to buy and see how it feels inside. The Miami Auto Show also has a historical car section and a exotic section that’s a bit more extensive than the Portland Auto Show. It was also a cool thing to check out with my little brother, which made it more fun.

We made our way through each of the car company sections and got the different brochures and checked out cars that caught our interest. For me I checked out cars like the Ford Fusion and Jeep Grand Cherokee that I could actually see buying and then a couple Audi’s and BMW’s that I dream about buying soon. There were also some cool activities for my little brother to do like digitally painting different Volkswagen models, cool little Scion cardboard cutouts that became 3-D models, and a Chevy vending machine. There were also some cool car simulators, but unfortunately my little brother would have needed a parent to sign a waiver. There also were some cool things outside like a Jeep driving course.

The Miami Auto Show was a great event to take my little brother to and I enjoyed checking out different cars- both realistic purchases and dream cars. Check out the pics below and next November look out for the Miami Auto Show, whether you’re in the market or just an admirer!

Miami International Auto Show (November)-  http://www.sfliautoshow.com/

Aston Martin Vantage
Audi R8
Lexus LFA
Audi R8 Spyder
Some of the classic cars at the auto show
Rolls Royce Convertible
Ferrari FF
Ferrari 458 Spyder

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