Rob was there and Robert Is Here- (Homestead, Fruit Stand, Milkshakes)

On Martin Luther King Day I went down to Homestead to volunteer at an event beautifying Homestead Middle School. Afterwards we made a stop at Robert Is Here, which is a fruit stand and a well-known Homestead attraction. A friend of mine lived in Homestead for two years and raved about it and their fruit milkshakes. It is far more elaborate and extensive than just a fruit “stand.” When we drove up there were cars parked everywhere, so it definitely seemed to have the popular stamp of approval.

I went and got in line right away for the milkshakes, while my friends went and shopped around. It was about 20 people deep and snaked through the aisles, but it went pretty quickly. There aren’t usual milkshake flavors like chocolate or vanilla. Instead there are flavors like strawberry, banana, Key lime, and guava. I got the strawberry passion. It was creamy and also a little tart. It was nice that it wasn’t overly sweet like regular milkshakes. It definitely tasted very fresh. You can also get smoothies in the same flavors.

There were of course tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as sauces like BBQ, jams, honeys, and some really cool coconut monkeys. Additionally behind the fruit “stand” is a petting zoo and a place you can picnic. If you’re in Homestead or heading to the Keys check out Robert Is Here just off the Turnpike for fresh fruits and veggies and really delicious fruit milkshakes!

Robert Is Here- 19200 SW 344th St. Homestead, FL


Milkshake flavors


You know it must be good if the bees are going crazy over it!
Coconut monkeys



Strawberry Passion milkshake

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