CLOSED: Yo quiero Taco Belly! (Sunset Harbour, Mexican)

Unfortunately PB Steak (where Taco Belly was a lunch pop-up) has closed due to high rents in Sunset Harbour. The Pubbelly Group says there are plans to re-open PB Steak on the mainland, but so far it hasn’t happened yet. 

The other week my team went out to lunch to celebrate my birthday and my co-workers/friend’s birthday. A place we had talked about going for a while was Taco Belly, which is the lunch pop-up inside PB Steak in Sunset Harbour. I love Mexican and tacos, the Pubbelly restaurants are all awesome!, and how can a place playing off the Taco Bell name not be good!

We started off with an order of the queso fundido and guacamole. The queso could come with either chorizo or braised short rib. I usually like to go for chorizo, but that seemed like a reason to try something different. I also had decided to get a chorizo taco so the braised short rib seemed the way to go. The braised short rib made the dish sweet, which was interesting. Good but next time I’d probably go for chorizo. The guac was also good, but the best was definitely the chips. They were very crispy and delicious. You could taste a bit of the oil, which gave it a nice flavor. Usually I would say I need a dip or something to go with tortilla chips, but I could eat them by themselves easily.

For tacos I got the carne asada taco and chorizo taco. The carne asada came with manchego cheese foam. Interesting texture but normal taste. The carne asada tacos were good and were gone almost right away. A few other people got the carne asada tacos and really liked them. The chorizo tacos I was less impressed with. I may have been expecting too much spice, but it just seemed a little bland to me.

I was glad to check out Taco Belly. It’s a solid option for a taco lunch and the chips are top notch! Interested in trying a few more tacos at a future lunch. The PB Steak is also a great space aesthetic-wise and nice for a mid-day break. Check out the pics below!

Taco Belly- 1787 Purdy Ave Miami Beach, FL (weekday lunch inside PB Steak)

The bomb chips!
The queso fundido with braised short rib
Carne asada taco
Chorizo taco
Desert the girls got that I forget the name (since I could have it)

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