It’s raining peanut butter chips from flaky clouds of gluten-free crepes- Original Pancake House (Aventura, Restaurant)

Ever since hearing that the Original Pancake House had gluten-free options I had been wanting to check out their location in Doral for a while. Then in September I was in Minneapolis for a wedding and we coincidentally went to a location there for breakfast. I got the gluten-free strawberry crepes (my first time having crepes) and pancakes and they were both delicious (check out the blog post here). While doing a quick search for the address of the Doral location (to have in my back pocket) I found they actually have a closer location in Aventura and it’s one with gluten-free options!

I convinced a friend to go on Saturday for brunch. Like all the Original Pancake Houses there were quite a bit of people waiting. This location was taking down reservations electronically with phone numbers so they could text when your table was ready. All for technology, but it was making the line go pretty slow to put in your name. Luckily it was a pretty short wait after that for just the two of us.

At the location in Minneapolis there was a very extensive list of many different flavors of pancakes, waffles, French toast, and crepes. While the Aventura location was listed as gluten-free I wasn’t sure what all the options would be (they weren’t shown on the menu online). It could have maybe just have gluten-free pancakes. Luckily when we took a seat I was excited to see quite a number of gluten-free options- pancakes, Egg Benedicts, waffles, Belgian waffles, pigs in a blanket, shells (lemon crepes), and flapjacks!

Unlike the extensive menu in Minneapolis it didn’t state if there were different flavors of the shells. The shells were described as their original crepes with lemon and powdered sugar. Looking over the list of other crepes the peanut butter and banana one really caught my attention. I asked our waiter if I could have those crepes as gluten-free. Luckily there were able to do that! The pigs in a blanket (something I’d only had a few times cheating) also caught my eye so I got an order of that as well.

The peanut butter and banana crepes came out first. The crepes themselves were light and flaky and the peanut butter chips and banana were a great complement. I think the peanut butter was my favorite part for the added flavor and richness. The pigs in a blanket came out and I realized I didn’t know too much about pigs in a blanket being celiac all my life. I was expecting the little sausages or hot dogs wrapped in a little bit of dough. Instead it was breakfast sausages wrapped in a pancake. Of course both are considered pigs in a blanket and it made perfect sense this would be the one they’d have at a breakfast restaurant. Despite the initial surprise (with a little disappointment I will admit) the sausages were tasty wrapped in the pancake. I liked adding the syrup and having a bit of the savory-sweet combination. The pancakes themselves were of course thicker than the crepes. A little more crumbly than regular pancakes wrapped around the sausages, but good still flavor.

My friend decided to go for the Western omelet and also got gluten-free pancakes on the side. She said she could tell they were a bit different than normal pancakes, but they still tasted good to her. The omelet came out absolutely massive and she didn’t get very far in finishing it!

Since I had no idea what gluten-free options I’d find at this location my expectations were by far exceeded! The crepes were delicious and even though this was only my second time ever having crepes I think they are a new favorite. It was great that they’re able to easily accommodate doing one of the other crepe flavors. The next time I’m back I think I’ll need to try one of the gluten-free eggs Benedict (only had that gluten-free once in my life and never the regular kind) or the Belgian waffles. Every Original Pancake House I’ve been too is always quite busy on the weekends so I think it gets a recommendation for anyone. However if you’re gluten-free and in the mood for some sweet breakfast goodness you’re usually not allowed to have definitely check out the Original Pancake House in Aventura. All the locations in South Florida are on the same website some I’m guessing it’s likely the Doral and SW Miami-Dade locations have similar menus so check those out too if you’re closer!

Update: Since then I had a chance to visit a location in Delray Beach and they had gluten-free eggs Benedict! I went for the steak version, which were pretty awesome. They also had Belgian waffles (didn’t notice too much of a difference from a regular waffle besides being thicker). I’ve also visited the Doral location, which only has gluten-free pancakes. The menu at each location seems to be vary, but in South Florida they seem to at least have gluten-free pancakes. Call ahead if you want more specifics about each location (online is pretty vague), but again Original Pancake House is pretty solid overall, so whatever location you go to will have some delicious breakfast (and looks like at least gluten-free pancakes).

Original Pancake House- 21215 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL (plus locations in Doral and SW Miami-Dade)

The gluten-free peanut butter and banana crepes
Gluten-free pigs in a blanket
The absolutely massive Western omelet
Side of gluten-free pancakes
The full gluten-free menu at the Aventura location
The Belgian waffle at the Delray Beach location
The Belgian waffle at the Delray Beach location
The steak eggs Benedict at the Delray Beach location
The steak eggs Benedict at the Delray Beach location

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