Yachts on yachts on yachts- Yacht & Brokerage Show (Events, February)

Sunday was my day to hang out with my little brother and earlier in the week I had been thinking about where to take him. Given the number of times I was stuck in traffic because of the 63rd St bridge being raised I thought about checking out the yachts docking for the Yacht & Brokerage Show. The show, along with the Miami International Boat Show, is this weekend, but I knew from last year that the yachts start to dock more than a week before.

Parking is always a bit of a pain in Mid-Beach and the show (including the preparations last weekend) only makes that and the traffic worse. We parked in the public lot on 65th St and Indian Creek, which was completely empty except for us. It was almost 15 blocks until we hit the yachts, but it was a nice walk down Collins and Miami Beach’s “Millionaire’s Row.” My little brother thought some of the regular boats docked farther up Indian Creek were pretty cool, so he was definitely very excited when we hit the actual show.

The show this weekend is free to attend and last weekend it was possible to walk along the docks last week as they were setting up. The boats range in size from large powerboats to fishing boats to some pretty incredible yachts. It was cool to see a lot of the yachts coming in and docking with the mansions along Indian Creek in the background. Check out the pics below and if you’re in the market for a yacht (or just a big fan) the show runs Thursday the 13th through Monday the 17th. The show is along Collins Ave from 41st St to 51 St. There are public parking lots on 47th, /53rd, 64th/Collins, and 65th/Indian Creek, although the ones closer to the boat show will probably be packed. From the 64th/Collins lot and lots on 67th/Collins and 72nd/Collins there is shuttle service. There is also a shuttle service from Miami Beach Convention Center and the Sea Isle Marina off the Venetian Causeway. You can find more info at











A canyon of yachts


Because every yacht needs its own helicopter



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