Day Drinking Heaven- The Butcher Shop (Wynwood, Restaurant, Bar, Beer Garden)

Earlier this week at dinner a group of friends talked about plans for the long weekend and one was checking out the beer garden in Wynwood. Yesterday a few friends headed to the Butcher Shop and I joined up with them (which meant pulling myself away from the second season of House of Cards). I had read somewhere (Thrillist maybe) about the Butcher Shop and that you could pick out your meat and have them grill it up, but I didn’t know it was the beer garden people had been talking about. I also didn’t know it was such a sick space!

You enter to a very large covered patio, which yesterday was basked in sun. The wood and laidback vibe reminds me of beer gardens in Portland (which always endears a place more to me). There is a decent sized bar in the middle of the place- half inside half outside. My friends were at the bar and had already ordered a tower of beer (check out the pic below). They had cider on draft and out of curiosity asked if I could get a tower of cider. The bartender was like “yeah that totally works” and I barely hesitated in ordering one of Angry Orchard (the draft cider) to share.

My friends had been snacking with their tower and had gotten a cold cut cone, which they recommended. I got an order of that and a friend got an order of the Provencal fries. The cold cut cone came with pepperoni, salami, and another kind of meat. I forget the name, but it was spiced and sort of a bologna texture. Wasn’t the biggest fan, but the pepperoni and salami were really good. The Provencal fries came with herbs and garlic on top, almost like a chimichurri.

Inside the restaurant is a huge meat counter with all different types and cuts of meat. You can pick out a cut you like and have them grill it up to eat. There also are a lot of other apps like confit chicken wings, grilled octopus, and pretzels (which my friends thought was awesome). There’s also charcuterieĀ boards, salads (one which a friend raved about), burgers and sausages. Some friends got the turkey burger and the bacon Gorgonzola burger, both of which were pretty good size and came out on pretzel buns and fries on the side.

The towers came out to about $35 each, which was a decent deal over buying separate glasses. The food was good and I look forward to trying out more (especially the burgers sans bun or sausages) when I’m not filled with a few liters of cider. The service was also great- Carlos was an awesome bartender! The best part of yesterday was discovering the awesome space at the Butcher Shop. An awesome place to day drink outside (great beers, ciders, and drinks) and enjoy good food. I plan to be back often.

Check out the pics below of the beer tower, food, and the great space of the Butcher Shop.

UPDATE: I have actually been back to Butcher Shop many times in the last few months. It’s been a go-to place for happy hours and dinners after work and in the Midtown/Wynwood area. I’ve happily been able to check out a lot more things on the menu and a few weeks ago (June 2014) they made a few menu updates.

I’ve had a chance to try a number of different burgers and sausages including the jalapeno cheddar burger (my favorite burger so far), bacon Gorgonzola burger (also good), and the chorizo sausage (delicious with some spice). I’ve also tried the skirt steak from the butcher block options (pick your meat and they grill it for you). It was really good. One of my Cuban friends, who knows a good skirt steak/churrasco, mmm’d out loud when she had a bite of hers. The rest of the butcher block steaks are a little on the expensive side ($24-$48), but given the quality of all the other meat at Butcher Block I’d bet that those steaks are worth it when you want to make that kind of investment for your stomach.

Some other things I’ve tried are the chicharrones and sweet potato waffle fries. The chicharrones weren’t like the traditional fried pork rinds however. They were really crispy pieces of pork belly (so a way better quality of meat) on a skewer. After the menu change it’s been renamed braised pork belly skewers, which is probably a more appropriate name. The sweet potato waffle fries are another new addition after the menu change. As long-time readers know I was a big fan even before trying them since I love waffle fries (!!!) and like sweet potato fries. Another change was that the cold cut cone (described in my original post) has changed into a cold cut skewer. It’s most of the same meat now on a skewer, but with also mozzarella cheese added and drizzled in a balsamic vinaigrette.

I continue to really love the space of Butcher Shop and the food continues to be really solid. One of your top choices for drinks in Wynwood (and even Midtown too) easily.




The beer tower
Cider Tower
Provencal Fries
Cold Cut Cone
Turkey burger on a pretzel bun
The meat counter
Challenge completed!
The new sweet potato waffle fries (plus the bacon Gorgonzola burger)
A friend’s turkey burger
Bad ass skirt steak
Chicharrones (now called pork belly skewers)
The cold cut skewer (used to come in a cone)

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