A historical American tavern with a twist (like mashed potato tacos)- Esquire Tavern (San Antonio, River Walk)

I was only in San Antonio for three days and two nights, so I didn’t explore the dinner options very much during my trip. Luckily the first night we had an event through the conference and got to try a lot of delicious Tex-Mex (and tequila!)! The last night my friend and I were looking for a place for dinner along the River Walk, but lot of the places were pretty touristy and there were a lot of national chains. Yelp however recommended a place called the Esquire Tavern. We found it on the River Walk and climbed up a steep staircase to a pretty historic looking building. Inside it was covered in dark wood and antique fixtures. It was also boiling hot for some reason, but maybe they were overcompensating for the cold outside.

It was open seating at the bar (and a couple small booths nearby), but those were all full and it was going to be about a 45 minute wait for a full-service table. We put our names in and then explored the River Walk a bit more, while we waited for their text. Once we were called there seemed to be a bit of a mix-up and we ended up at a table where you ordered from the bar. Not a huge deal except it was taking quite awhile to order. The hostess saw this and got us seated at a full-service table pretty quickly. The food at Esquire Tavern I’d describe as upscale tavern, American food, but the prices weren’t that bad.

My friend got one of their specialty cocktails and I got a cider (which was huge). For food I got bison burger and also an order of the tacos con papas. My friend got an order of the deviled eggs. The bison burger was good and had pretty good flavor, although I was expecting a little bit more from other bison burgers I had. The white cheddar was a nice touch and the fries on the side were good. The tacos con papas (potatoes) were pretty interesting. I liked the concept of tacos with mashed potatoes on the inside and they provided some tasty bites. The one downside were that since the tacos were small a lot of the potatoes spilled out after the first bite. My friend let me try one of her deviled eggs, which had pink peppercorns on top of them. It was an interesting flavor, but I don’t think you can ever go wrong with deviled eggs.

The menu at Esquire Tavern provided a number of interesting options and the space is really cool. It definitely has the historical tavern feel and it was a nice place to go for a not too heavy meal. There were a few other things on the menu that caught my attention so if I’m back in San Antonio I could see making another trip. I think worth a stop if you’re looking for something more “unique” compared to the chains on the River Walk. Only downside it was relatively dark inside so the pics didn’t come out the best!

Equire Tavern- 155 East Commerce Street San Antonio, TX



Deviled Eggs
Tacos con papas (mashed potato tacos)
Bison burger and fries






The outside of Esquire Tavern earlier in the day

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