BBQ and big portions. Is that like normal in Texas?- The Country Line (BBQ, San Antonio)

A few weeks ago I was in San Antonio for a conference and while I didn’t have tons of time to explore the city I at least had to eat and took advantage of what San Antonio had to offer nearby! Our hotel was along the San Antonio River Walk, which provided some convenient sight-seeing and also a lot of restaurant options. One of the days during lunch we made our way to the Country Line BBQ. I think one of my friend’s from San Antonio had recommended it and then it got strong reviews on Yelp so it seemed like a solid choice.

We had a table outside, which was a nice way to people watch and look at the River Walk. Our waitress was super nice and helpful in making our choices. She also knows how to make a sell, because she mentioned some of their desserts from the get-go. That way there was no way we could say no later! The menu had a ridiculous number of options! Being the almost-glutton that I am my eyes zoomed in on the Cadillac special- $29.99 per person, all-you-can-eat platters of beef ribs, brisket, pork ribs, sausage, and chicken, plus sides. Thankfully I knew that’d be quite excessive for any of us so I looked elsewhere (although not without a little regret).

My friend and I both got the Country Line sausage platter (she got the Lite version available at lunch), while our other friend got the brisket tacos. On the side I got some french fries and garlic mashed potatoes. An added bonus was that they denote the gluten-free items (brisket, sausage, chicken, ribs, steaks, fish, burgers), which is always super helpful.

The sausage was definitely some of the best BBQ I’ve had. It sort of brought back memories of Papa Soul Food in Eugene, where I went to college. They had these hot links there that were amazing! I’ve never found anything like them yet. These sausages at Country Line weren’t that hot and had a different consistency, but they did have a bit of a kick to them and were similar enough. Also delicious! The garlic mashed potatoes were also really good and you can never really go wrong with french fries. My friend enjoyed her sausage (the Lite version had one or two less), as did my friend who got the brisket tacos.

Unfortunately our time in San Antonio was pretty grey and cold (and cold relatively to how it usually is, not cold just because I am used to Miami). Just a little bit after our food came it began to rain, but our waitress was great about helping us bring our food into an inside table. After the rain slowed down a bit people were walking along the River Walk again and a little kid put his hands up to the heat lamp outside. A teen at another table looked out and scoffed- “what is he doing it’s like 50 degrees out?!” Hey kid! 50 degrees is pretty dang cold, alright?

As I mentioned before the waitress was a great seller and she told us before our meal about their homemade cobbler. Despite being very full it had gotten into everyone’s minds early so my two friends got that ala mode. It came with tons of blueberries inside. From all the mmms it seemed to be just as good as it was described. I went for an order of the cheesecake and scrapped the filling off the top. Did I mention the cheesecake was massive? To me most cheesecakes taste the same since I can usually only have the filling, but I liked the strawberry sauce on top and it didn’t disappoint.

The Country Line is in a great, convenient location on the River Walk with tons of delicious BBQ options and great service. All of us were extremely happy (and stuffed) with our visit and I’d definitely go back anytime I’m in San Antonio again. Maybe I’ll finally get my dream of trying the Cadillac dinner!

Country Line- 111 W Crockett St San AntonioTX  


Sausage with side of french fries and garlic mashed potatoes
Brisket tacos
Homemade blueberry cobbler
Massive cheesecake

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