Like buffalo chicken dip, but on a pizza! DUDE!- Pizza Dude (Gluten-Free, Pizza, Miami Beach)

A few months ago my little brother and I were on one of our adventures and he wanted pizza for lunch. I think we were in Midtown at the time (and Spris hadn’t opened yet) and we were headed back towards North Beach. I knew of Pizza Rustica and Pizza Fusion in South Beach that served gluten-free pizza, but I hadn’t come across anything in Mid or North Beach. I was pretty sure there wasn’t a close-by option with gluten-free pizza, but I did a quick search on either Urbanspoon or Yelp just to double check. Surprisingly I came across a place called Pizza Dude on 41st St that was listed under gluten-free pizza.

It looked relatively new, but their website did mention gluten-free pizza so we headed that way. You order up at the counter and there are different kinds of signature pizzas you can order or they have all the toppings displayed if you want to order a custom one. I got a gluten-free pepperoni pizza and my little brother got a sausage pizza. As we waited we kept ourselves entertained watching a football game and I also checked out the “History of Dudes” on the wall, which discussed several notable “dudes” throughout history.

I don’t remember noticing this at the time, but since then I found out that they also offer the “Kramer Experience.” Way back in an early episode of Seinfeld, Kramer had an idea for a restaurant where people made their own pizzas and then he would bake it. Jerry and George laughed it off as one of Kramer’s crazy ideas. Pizza Dude lets your make your own pizza at your table and then they’ll bake it for you. You can also just order one of the regular signature pizzas or have the1m make you a custom pizza at the counter.

This first time at Pizza Dude I thought their gluten-free pizza was pretty decent. The dough was an interesting consistency. I would definitely say it has a gluten-free taste and a gluten-free look, but a good thing was that it wasn’t that dry. It also wasn’t very crispy though. It’s a pretty soft, almost floppy kind of dough. If someone is a big fan of doughy pizza they could really like it, but I think it could be a little bit better if it was more crispy. At the time I thought it was pretty good overall and my little brother liked his regular pizza. Just in general it’s always great to have more places with gluten-free options.

That was the extent of my Pizza Dude experience for a few months until I saw it one day on one of the online delivery services (either GrubHub or Eat24). Kind of craving pizza I placed an order and went for the Dude’s Buffalo Chicken. That is where my love affair with Pizza Dude started. The Dude’s Buffalo Chicken pizza is spicy buffalo and tomato sauce, mozzarella, grilled chicken, blue cheese crumbles, and ranch dressing. It’s awesome (like totally dude awesome)!! I’m not a huge fan of blue cheese in general, but I like this whole pizza. The spicy buffalo sauce and the ranch dressing really makes it. The crust is still a bit floppy to where sometimes it gets a bit messy, but I’ve become a bit obsessed. The flavors certainly mask any gluten-free kind of taste (if you’re not a big fan of that). And the fact that they deliver is really getting me into trouble (I think my worst was two days in a row one weekend….).

For those in Miami Beach Pizza Dude is another option for gluten-free pizza (yay!). I think anyone- gluten-free or not- should try out their Dude’s Buffalo Chicken, especially if they are a fan of buffalo. So simple yet such awesome! If you’re looking for an interesting dining experience I think the “Kramer Experience” would be a fun thing to do, especially with kids. They also deliver in the Miami Beach area. Just be careful with that knowledge…

Pizza Dude- 451 W. 41st Miami Beach, FL 

Dude’s Buffalo Chicken pizza from one of my many delivery trips (so good I couldn’t wait long enough to take a picture whole)

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