GLUTEN-FREE CHEESE BREAD (and other great food)!- Boteco (Brazilian, Upper Eastside)

On Saturday I went and saw three of my friends dominate in a Crossfit competition and afterwards two of them wanted to celebrate by eating and drinking at Boteco just off the 79th Causeway. I have pretty fond memories of Boteco. It was one of the first places I remember visiting in Miami way back when I moved here. A friend organized a happy hour there after work and it was one of her favorite places. I’m pretty sure this was my first time going to Boteco since I started my blog, which is unfortunate since that was over two years ago. It has a great outside space, pretty relaxed, and really good Brazilian food. Although the Brazilian steakhouses are one of my favorite restaurants ever (here’s looking at you Fogo de Chao), it’s nice to go to a place where you can order things more al-a-carte and have a normal meal without the gluttony (as much as I love it).

We started with drinks and I got one of the caipirinhas, which are a Brazilian specialty made with rum, lime, and sugar. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to pronounce in Portuguese after a little practice. Plus when I messed it up I was saying it with a Spanish accent, which while not accurate, at least wasn’t the Gringo accent you’d expect. For my second drink I got a caipirinhas, but with fruit (strawberry) added. It sometimes makes it a bit hard to drink when the strawberry puree blocks up the straw, but it’s well worth the difficulty for the added flavor in my opinion.

For food I zoomed in on the pao de queijo, which unfortunately was not something I knew about the last time I was at Boteco. Pao de queijo is Brazilian cheese bread made out of tapioca, so it’s naturally gluten-free. This is the same kind of bread they have at Fogo de Chao and that a Brazilian friend has also made for me several times. I’m an insane fan! It has the texture and taste of real gluten bread, but it isn’t! It almost makes me feel a bit guilty when eating it since I’m so conditioned to detecting what tastes and feels like gluten. If anyone is gluten-free the bread by itself is well worth the visit!

I’ve also been told pao de queijo is relatively easy t omake and I found what looks like a pretty easy recipe here.

Luckily Boteco also has other great food. I ordered the sausage with a side of white rice. The sausage came out in little slices and was very tasty. The rice is a little drier than a lot of other Latin rices, but still was good. My friends both got the picanha steak, which is one of our favorites at Boteco. Another favorite is the escondidinho de carne, which is shredded jerk beef with yuca and cheese. If your a meat eater you rarely can go wrong with Brazilian food!

I feel a little guilty at how long it’s been since I last was at Boteco, but certainly made up for lost time with my meal. Anyone looking for solid Brazilian without the cost and commitment of one of the usual steakhouses should check out Boteco. Also I highly highly recommend it for any gluten-frees who want cheese bread that tastes and feels like the real thing. INCREDIBLE!

Boteco- 916 NE 79th Street Miami, FL

The famous gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread- pao de queijo
Sausage and yuca
A caipirinha with strawberry added

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