Top 10 Margaritas and Mexican- Iron Cactus (San Antonio, River Walk)

On our last day in San Antonio we weren’t flying out until the early evening so we wanted to pick a great place for our last lunch. One of my friends had gone to college in San Antonio and she recommended the Iron Cactus on the River Walk, so we followed her lead. While walking around I had noticed the building itself before and its big windows looking out on the River Walk and a cool patio area. Getting Mexican also seemed appropriate for our last meal in Texas.

Inside I found out they had a gluten-free menu, which was helpful because you never know when something that usually is gluten-free isn’t. Our waiter told us that the Iron Cactus (which has other Texas locations) has the Top 10 margaritas in the country, so one of those seemed like a must. My friends got the regular margaritas and I went for the recommended Texas Peach. They also have over 100 different kinds of tequilas and you can get different tequila flights to sample a couple different ones.

For the meal both my friends got the stuffed avocado, which they said was as good as it sounds (and looks- check below). It’s stuffed with chicken and cheese and then deep friend. It looked pretty incredibly, but alas was not gluten-free. Definitely it comes well recommended by my friends for any gluten-eaters out there.

Of the options on the gluten-free menu I picked the stacked pork enchiladas. It’s pork, salsa, and cheese layered between red corn tortillas and an over-easy-egg on top, with rice and beans on the side. I do like pork, but I’d usually place it behind chicken and beef in terms of preference, but this was a great decision. The flavors of all the ingredients really complemented each other and it was the perfect amount of sauce. It was sort of like a less messy casserole. The red corn tortillas were also a nice touch and the rice and beans on the side were great.

I really enjoyed Iron Cactus and liked how there were tons of specials to choose from (like the stacked enchiladas and stuffed avocados), along with what are probably delicious standard Mexican food (tacos, burritos, etc.). There were several other dishes I want to try in the future. Check out a few of the pics below and from my research and the restaurants I tried I’d put this towards the top of restaurants to visit on the River Walk!

Iron Cactus- 200 River Walk San Antonio, TX (locations also in Austin and Dallas)

Top 10 Margarita in the U.S.
Stuffed avocado
Stacked pork enchiladas

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