Food perfectly designed for my stomach (and Instagram)- Pincho Factory (Burgers, Gluten-Free, Coral Gables)

There are a few times I get really excited to write posts and this is definitely one of them. Last Sunday my friend and I were going to grab lunch and a place I had really wanted to try for a while was the Pincho Factory. It had come across my feed on Twitter and Instagram from different people I follow and the pics (of beef, potato, cheese, bacon, tots) made me want to make a visit badly. I took a look at their menu and was even more excited that their food went far deeper than just the food porn and the “guilty” beef/potato/cheese/bacon/tot deliciousness (although that in itself makes it a worthy contender).

Pincho technically means point (sharp), thorn, or sharp stick, but it also is a shish kebab. At Pincho Factory you can get chicken, steak, or shrimp as skewers by themselves or turn it into an entree on a bed of rice, lettuce, or in a pita wrap. You then pick a “style it” to go on top. Instead of you picking a million things to put on top you pick from 7 combinations like Greek (feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, Kalamata olives, and tzatziki), California (lettuce, tomatoes, Mandarin organges, almonds, cranberries, Gorgonzola, and mango sauce), and All American (cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and honey mustard). Their specialty is “the Mix,” which is diced lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers in their signature cilantro sauce.

Beyond the namesake pinchos they also have a wide range of burgers and sandwiches. The really exciting burger for me personally was the Toston burger. It’s a burger between two tostones (fried plantains) as the buns, which means it is gluten-free!

This first trip to the Pincho Factory my excitement made my eyes almost bigger than my stomach. I started by ordering the Toston burger of course (a double with bacon) and an order of bacon cheddar ranch fries (how could I not get something with a name like that?!). My friend also ordered the Toston burger (single) and an order of the sweet potato tots (that we had agreed would be shared!). The whole drive over it totally made sense to me that I could do the Toston burger, share the fries and tots, and then still have room for one of the pinchos. Totally makes sense right? Luckily I practiced some self-restraint and didn’t get one of the pinchos this time (great excuse for a return visit!). It was a good decision because I was stuffed from my burger, fries, and tots.

The Toston burger was awesome! Totally a burger that causes withdrawal symptoms. It was awesome as a gluten-free to have a burger I could eat like a regular burger. The one slight (very slight) downside was that the double burger got a little messy between the two tostones. Part of me thought it’d be best to go for the single next time to more easily manage eating by hand. However the major downside of that would mean I’d have less burger. And that burger is one of the best. My friend put it perfectly when she said “it’s going to be so hard to eat any other burger after this.” Their burgers are a combination of fresh chuck (regular burgers are one of my favorite foods), brisket (another one of my favorite foods), and short rib (ANOTHER one of my favorite foods!). The different combination of meat made for a powerful, delicious taste. I would recommend this burger to anyone just on the beef and as someone who usually has just the burger (meat and cheese) and no bun I consider myself quite a burger patty connoisseur. The tostones “buns” were a super added bonus.

The fries were what you’d expect for being covered in cheese, bacon, and ranch (ie. delicious) and the sweet potato tots were also great. Pincho Factory just knows how to combine my favorite kind of foods (the burger meat combination, those fries) since I love tots and over the last few years have become a big sweet potato fan. You can order the tots with a dipping side of apple butter, which my friend got. I dipped one in and it was pretty good (like a thick, gooey applesauce), although the sweetness isn’t really my style.

Like I said it was a good thing I didn’t order the pincho, because I was unbelievably stuffed after the burger, fries, and tots. I will definitely get a pincho the next time. Only problem is that I don’t think I can visit Pincho Factory and not get that burger again/every time. I could eat that every weekend. I’m thinking I’ll at least get a single Toston burger (but also just don’t know if I could do only one patty of that awesome beef…) and then a pincho. Then I’ll have to go back to try the other pincho (chicken or steak, whichever I didn’t try) and the Toston chicken sandwich (also gluten-free) and the Cajun fries (grilled onions, Cajun seasoning, and secret pink sauce)……. So needless to say I’ll be back. Many times.

Check out the pics below and make this a visit when you’re in the Gables (or the original location in Olympia Heights). This one is a big winner!

UPDATE: So it didn’t take long for me to make a return visit to Pincho Factory (2 weeks, which really was too long…). A friend was in from out of town and we were going to explore the Biltmore (she designs hotel interiors) and so we ended up at Pincho Factory for Sunday brunch. Pincho Factory just knows how to make you gurgle like Homer Simpson (video here if you don’t know what I’m talking about). The brunch menu starts off with a Nutella waffle, banana bread French toast, and red velvet pancakes. Unfortunately I can’t have any of those crazy decadent (and gluten-ous( breakfast items since they sound amazing, but there was more than enough for me to try. The two things that caught my attention were the chorizo platter (I do love chorizo) and the bacon wrapped omelet. Yes you heard right. A BACON-WRAPPED omelet. In fact it is 12 strips of bacon, 4 egg omelet, cheese sauce (OMG!), lettuce, and tomatoes. Cue the Homer Simpson gurgle again…

Since this was only my second time at Pincho Factory I knew I couldn’t visit and not get the Toston burger again. I just couldn’t. Given that need I went with the chorizo platter since it seemed a little bit less sinful (it was Sunday after all) and a little less food (but only by a little bit). The platter came out with two chorizo patties covered by fried eggs, a fruit medley, and house potatoes. The chorizo patties were a lot of what I was thinking and really good. Like sliders (no buns) except with more flavor (of the chorizo of course). The house potatoes were also good. They reminded me kind of like potato wedges, which in Oregon we call Jo-Jos.

Needless to say Pincho Factory continues to impress. I think I’ll need to go one more time for lunch/dinner (or late night since they’re open until 1 AM on weekends) and get the Toston burger before I can forgo it for a visit. That would of course be to try the bacon-wrapped omelet at brunch or something else on the menu. Although it will be really really hard to not have it. Even with a second visit I am still very excited for a future visit to the Pincho Factory and trying out more of their great menu!

Pincho Factory- 30 Giralda Ave Coral Gables, FL (and other location in Olympia Heights)

The Toston burger!
Bacon cheddar ranch fries


Sweet potato tots
My friend’s chicken Toston and fruit medley at brunch
My chorizo platter w/ house potatoes and fruit medley


The chorizo patty’s close up under the fried egg
I couldn’t go to Pincho Factory and not get the Toston burger

6 thoughts on “Food perfectly designed for my stomach (and Instagram)- Pincho Factory (Burgers, Gluten-Free, Coral Gables)

  1. Robert- love the review- next time order a double with one of the patties on the side- that way it will be easier to eat and you can always take the extra one home so there will be room for the pincho- have a great week- Love, Paula

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