Easy to stay young at heart- Miami Children’s Museum (Sights)

In the fall I had taken my little brother and his little brother to a Dolphins game and so I owed their little sister an adventure of her own. I asked around for a few people with daughters and/or 4 and 5-year olds for ideas. A place with several votes was the Miami Children’s Museum. I had been curious about what the Children’s Museum was like, but thought my little brother (at 13) might be a little too old to take just him. In fact the Children’s Museum has a lot to do and I think my little brother would have had a good time even just us, although he really enjoyed exploring with his sister.

In doing some research I found out that the Miami Children’s Museum is actually one of the 10 largest children’s museums in the country. It definitely has a lot of different spaces/themes and it keeps things interesting and entertaining.

Thinking back to my childhood I remember the “mini-city” theme at a lot of children’s museums, but I like that the MCM seems to do that theme pretty big and elaborate. It’s a major focus of the first floor, especially visually with colorful “storefronts”. They have the traditional grocery store with plastic food and also have a doctor’s office, bank, and fire and police. All those areas had a wide range of activities for the senses (sight, sound, touch) and topics for kids to engage with (nutrition, money, exercise, etc.).

Beyond the cityscape there also are some Miami-specific rooms like the cruise/Port of Miami focus and a fishing area. Most of those areas, plus other areas like music, were really interactive. There are slides and playground equipment, plus electronic model boats, mini-crane at the Port, and a recording studio to name a few. The fishing area with plastic fishing poles and fish (with magnets in the “mouth” of the fish) was a HUGE hit with my little brother and his sister. We spent a lot of time there and went back for a second time too.

Beyond the rooms and spaces there also are a variety of activities hosted by the museum each day. When we went there was an art room where children could make their own bridges with Styrofoam and sticks.

The Miami Children’s Museum was a great 3 hour or so experience and we could have spent more time there if needed. Admission is $18 normally (for all those over 1 year old), but $14 for Florida residents. What’s really nice is that if you live in the city of Miami it’s 50% off, which is a really nice discount. For those who would make multiple visits a year a family membership ($150 for two adults and four children) would be a good deal, especially for those who live outside the city of Miami.

My little brother and his sister loved their visit so that’s really the only opinion that counts. I had a good time exploring with them and thought the Miami Children’s Museum had great variety for it’s spaces, themes, and activities. Pics below of some of the great things to do there!

Miami Children’s Museum- 980 MacArthur Causeway Miami, FL


The stairs to the “castle” slide. It was a big winner with my little brother’s little sister



Part of the “cityscape’ that was a lot of the 1st floor
Part of the grocery store. Complete with carts of course.
The vault in the “piggy” bank
My little brother of course loved the electronic model boats



A bear exhibit through time

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