Finally no more FOMO! Gluten-free pizza at Harry’s Pizzeria (Design District)

The other week while on Twitter I saw the news that Harry’s Pizzeria in the Design District was adding gluten-free crust to its menu! This is always a cause for celebration, but I was especially excited because Harry’s Pizzeria was probably the restaurant that gave me the biggest FOMO (fear of missing out) in Miami. It got a lot of raves and recommendations, but prior to this there just wasn’t much for me to eat there (besides salad really). But thankfully no more!

I was going to be getting lunch with my aunt and Harry Pizzeria seemed like a great place to go, plus it’s right up the street.

The menu consists of several gourmet pizzas and not your traditional pepperoni, sausage, etc. We went for two gluten-free pizzas- the MGFD bacon and the shortrib. Harry’s Pizzeria is part of Michael Schwartz’s food group, which is why the bacon is titled MGFD (Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink). I like Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink, which is another reason I had always wished I could check out Harry’s Pizzeria before. Michael Schwartz also has a number of gluten-free cookbooks because his son Harry (after which Harry’s Pizzeria is named) is gluten-free. This made me optimistic about the taste and quality of their gluten-free crust (although it also makes me wonder why this didn’t happen sooner!).

The gluten-free crust at Harry’s is very thin and crispy. It reminds me a bit of the crust at Spris, but not as charred. Before Spris and Harry’s Pizzeria I would have said I preferred thin crust less, but I’m becoming a much bigger fan. You have to bite a little bit harder, but it definitely complements the toppings a lot more. The cheese on Harry’s pizzas is also well-done and crispy and I think my biggest complaint for thin-crust is that usually it feels like there are more toppings than the crust can really handle (nothing worse than toppings falling off). Not the case here. Plus a lot of thicker, doughier gluten-free crusts can seem crumbly or dry and this is mitigated by the thin, crispy crust. It makes it seem less like a gluten-free replacement. What both my aunt and I liked is that the pizzas were both filling, but not heavy given the crust and toppings. The thin gluten-free crusts gets gold stars!

The MGFD bacon came with the bacon, potato, caramelized onion, Gruyere, and arugula. The shortrib also came with caramelized onion, Gruyere, and arugula, but no potato. The MGFD bacon was the favorite of the two because I really liked the added flavor and fill of the potato, however the shortrib was also really delicious. There was a decent amount of arugula on both, but a lot of it fell off picking up the pizza and my aunt was happy to eat most of it for me.

Harry’s is another great option for gluten-free pizza and it’s pizza are delicious and good quality (in general, but especially for gluten-free). I’m happy to have it close by and also very happy that I no longer have FOMO for Harry’s Pizzeria. Harry’s Pizzeria gets top billing for pizza in general for Miami so it’s recommended for all to check out, but certainly for gluten-frees!

Harry’s Pizzeria- 3918 North Miami Ave Miami, FL


MGFD Bacon Pizza


Shortrib pizza

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