Affordable farm-to-table food in Atlanta’s West Midtown- Bocado

Our last night in Atlanta a group of us were looking for a place to do dinner. Up until that point pretty much all our meetings and group meals had been literally within two blocks of our hotel. So we debated whether to walk somewhere close or take a cab to get out and explore another part of Atlanta. My co-worker had a list of restaurants from a friend and with the help of a local Atlantan (I think that’s the right word) we narrowed it down to Bocado, which was described as farm-to-table and apparently had the best burgers in Atlanta.

Bocado is a short cab ride from our hotel in Midtown in a part of town on the other side of Georgia Tech’s campus now called West Midtown. Our local Atlantan told us that it used to be a lot of businesses and warehouses that had been converted into restaurants and shops and then housing was eventually added (especially for George Tech students). West Midtown was the new-ish name by realtors to help sell it. Bocado is in a strip-mall looking building (and our friend said her printer used to be next door), but one that had been redone on the outside and inside it’s quite modern and hip.

Bocado has a menu that changes to reflect the ingredients available. In fact we had a slight issue (but nothing serious) with an old menu here and there. One of my co-workers got really excited about squash blossoms that unfortunately were on an old menu at the bar. Another friend also began talking about a watermelon salad with arugula. The rest of us looked at each other with raised eyebrows to confirm there was in fact no such thing on the menu. There wasn’t and she realized her mistake. There was a watermelon salad, but the arugula was part of the grilled peaches and crostini. The confusing part was that there was no grilled peaches on my menu. So when I acted confused she thought I was doing my usual sarcasm. On my end I thought she was making it up as a joke. It was only when she actually ordered it that I was like “wait what?” and I saw it on her menu. Finally we realized I had an old menu and neither of us had been messing with the other!

I went for an order of the deviled eggs and the burger with herb fries on the side. The deviled eggs came with a very little bit of boiled peanuts, pickled green tomato, and cherry peppers on top. There were quite a few deviled eggs for $8 at a nice place. I liked them a lot, although I do think most deviled eggs are pretty similar unless topped with something drastically different like pulled pork. I was also a big fan of the burger. The beef was really good quality and the American cheese melted on top was so so good! It reminded me a lot of the classic steak burgers from my childhood at Skyline Restaurant in Portland. I think calling something the best burger is hard to do since there are so many different kinds but Bocado’s is really good! Several people who also got the burger gave big thumbs up as well. The herb fries seemed to have the herbs baked right into the fries and not just sprinkled on top, which was interesting. It also came with an aioli sauce on the side that was really delicious.

The group all liked our meals, which also included the watermelon salad, grilled peaches with crostini, and kale salad. Everything seemed very fresh and well-thought out. Check out the pics of all the food below. If you’re looking for fresh farm-to-table options for a pretty reasonable price Bocado is a great option close to the Midtown area.

Bocado- 887 Howell Mill Road Atlanta, GA

The delicious burger covered in gooey American cheese
The burger with the herb fries
Kale salad
Grilled peaches over crostini with arugula
Watermelon salad
Close up of the deviled eggs (5 halves total)

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