They’re looking out for the gluten-frees!- Bantam + Biddy (Atlanta, Southern)

My first night in Atlanta I met up with my cousin who lives there for dinner. I had suggested Bantam + Biddy since it was listed as gluten-free friendly and the menu had everything clearly marked. My cousin checked out the menu and said I had her convinced as soon as she saw the duck fat fries. Chick-a-Biddy, where I went for lunch, is a spin-off of Bantam + Biddy. While I had loved the chicken tenders at Chick-a-Biddy and they were on the menu here I figured I would try something new. The meatloaf was gluten-free and intrigued me. Since meatloaf usually has bread crumbs it’s not something I can usually have, but it’s also not something I really would have tried if I was going to “cheat” and eat gluten (especially compared to things like pizza, pasta, etc.). I went for the meatloaf with a side of the duck fat fries and loaded mash potatoes (which I had enjoyed at Chick-a-Biddy). The menu mentioned gluten-free bread for an extra $1, but the waitress told me that the cornbread that came with the meal was already gluten-free. Similarly to the meatloaf cornbread was something I usually couldn’t have and also wouldn’t really “cheat” for. While I can’t speak too much to what makes a good meatloaf I liked Bantam + Biddy’s a lot. I also liked the cornbread and that it was a little bit sweet. Something I always appreciate in gluten-free items are when the texture doesn’t seem gluten-free (usually dry and crumbly). The cornbread was moist and borderline “fluffy” at least in terms of how bread goes. The one slight disappointment was that the duck fat fries seemed pretty normal to me. I’ve had duck fat fries where the flavor was obvious and these fries didn’t seem much different in flavor than regular thick-cut fries (not that they were bad). Our total dinner was around $25 (my cousin got 1/4 chicken and two sides) so Bantam +Biddy was quite affordable, especially good, quality food. There quite a number of other things on the menu I would want to get on a return visit (deviled eggs, pimento cheese, red peas and rice, the Southern breakfast). They also have gluten-free chicken strips like the ones at Chick-a-Biddy so there are a lot of gluten-free options. Plus the Bantam + Biddy Midtown location can be more convenient than Chick-a-Biddy for those staying in Midtown. With all the choices Bantam + Biddy is a great option for gluten-free Atlantans (is that right?) or travelers. Bantam + Biddy- 1544 Piedmont Ave and 1050 Crescent Avenue in Atlanta, GA

Meatloaf with duck fat fries, loaded mashed potatoes, and cornbread

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