So many calories to burn after Dragon Tuesday, but it doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet- iSushi (Midtown, Sushi)

A few months ago a new sushi place, iSushi, opened a few blocks from my work and everyone was excited to finally have a place with sushi nearby (not counting the small sushi menu at Sugarcane downstairs). One day a few of us went and on that first visit I was pretty unimpressed. The sushi was pretty standard, but a few of my rolls began falling apart…

A few weeks later though we heard about iSushi’s “Dragon Tuesday” where all food was 50% off from 11 AM to 5 PM. iSushi’s prices were already decent so this definitely made it a pretty good deal. All food, not just the sushi rolls, are included. I didn’t go the first time since I was busy, but enough people gave it a thumbs up afterwards (at least with those prices) that I joined what became an almost weekly ritual. Affordable is the name of the game for iSushi on Tuesdays, although the quality of their rolls (in terms of at least not falling apart) has improved. I’ve been glad I’ve made some return visits on Tuesdays.

A lot of iSushi’s specialty rolls use tempura (thus off limits for me), so I haven’t explored their sushi menu extensively. It’s a pretty standard menu for American sushi restaurants and includes various noodle dishes and Asian appetizers. On my visit I’ve stuck to more of the usual California roll, spicy salmon roll, etc. Of course I had a lot of it dipped generously in spicy mayo (I know… pretty American). Friends have gotten several other things on the menu such as more elaborate rolls, fried rice, gyoza edamame, etc. All the food gets pretty solid reviews, but I think everyone agrees the special price is a deal for everything.

Most visits I’ve gone for several rolls with the special. Sometimes I’ve gotten it just right (I think the magic number is 3 rolls), although a few times I’ve gone a bit overboard… My wallet doesn’t mind too much even when I go overboard, but my stomach does (even when my mouth tells my brain to keep shoveling it in). Most of the sushi rolls are regularly priced $5-$12 so most times my lunch costs $10-$15. Today two California rolls and a Spicy Twin roll was $10 even. Not bad at all for sushi rolls (and a lot of spicy mayo!).

If you’re craving “American” sushi (tempura, spicy mayo, etc.) in Midtown iSushi is a new option to check out. While I won’t say it matches the quality of Doraku’s lunch special or happy hour sushi, it’s a decent option to have on hand in Midtown. I can’t ever really get to Doraku during the day so it’s nice to have the Dragon Tuesday special at iSushi a few blocks away. For those in Midtown check out iSushi during their Dragon Tuesday special (11 AM to 5 PM) to see if you find a new neighborhood sushi spot. Regardless the prices during Dragon Tuesday doesn’t set you back very far.

iSushi- 3301 NE 1st Ave Miami, FL (it’s on the 33rd St side of Midtown 4 down past Vintage Liquors)

Spicy Twin Roll in front and two California rolls in back
A new favorite- Spicy Tuna Love

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