GO DUCKS and go gluten-free!- Homeslice Wheel House (Pizza, Chicago/Lincoln Park)

The night of the 4th of July on my trip to Chicago some friends and I were trying to figure out where to go to dinner. She also is gluten-free and through a Yelp search Homeslice Wheel House popped up. I had heard of Homeslice before because the owners are from Oregon and it’s the Ducks bar in Chicago (GO DUCKS!!). I just didn’t know before it also had gluten-free pizza. On top of that Lincoln Park is one of my favorite parts of Chicago. My friend was happy with the sound of gluten-free pizza so I took a cab to Homeslice to meet them before the fireworks.

As soon as I entered Homeslice reminded me a lot of the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland with its logs. There is a lot of wood throughout and lots of pieces of fire wood arranged above the bar. Rumor has it that the wood was shipped all the way from Oregon so you know the bar has to be awesome. Homeslice has an outdoor patio that my friends from Chicago have talked a lot about, but when I got their my friends had grabbed a table just inside. They had the windows opened to the outside, which was nice on the summer day (although a bit loud when the L came by).

We started with drinks and the bean dip. They have a number of specialty cocktails that my friends really liked plus beer and cider. In the bean dip I really liked the sound of the jalapeno-avocado spread that was a part of it. That part wasn’t distinct as I was hoping, but the bean dip was still good.

Homeslice’s pizza falls into three categories- the “meats,” “the bird,” and “meat free.” They have some more standard flavors like pepperoni, but also a lot more unique or elaborate flavors. I went for the Smoke Show, which is blackened chicken, fresh jalapenos, cream cheese, chili flakes, mozzarella, provolone, garlic, and olive oil.

The gluten-free crust was a really good one on the spectrum of gluten-free crusts. It was much more doughy and bubbly than gluten-free crust usually is. It was nice that it wasn’t at all like a packaged gluten-free crust a lot of pizza places just add their toppings to. It still had a bit of the sweetness of a lot of gluten-free crust, but the toppings hid it well. My friend who is gluten-free similarly liked their crust and our friend who hasn’t had gluten-free pizza before said it tasted good. I also really liked the Smoke Show pizza, although it came with a bit of a kick. All of us also agreed the provolone cheese on all our pizzas was a nice touch.

Homeslice is certainly the place to be for any Duck games, but it’s also a relaxed chill bar (very Oregon-like) even when it’s not Duck games. For gluten-frees it’s a great option for gluten-free pizza if you’re on the northside (and not too far of a cab ride from the Loop). Check out the pic of my Smoke Show pizza below (I think it looks pretty awesome just from the pic). Oh and GO DUCKS!!

Homeslice Wheel House- 938 W Webster Ave Chicago, IL


Smoke Show gluten free pizza




Outdoor seating (although not their patio)
Love the gluten free love!
Bean dip

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