Gluten-free doughnuts to make up for a night in “Shambles”- Do-Rite Donuts (Chicago/Loop)

Sunday morning of my Chicago trip we woke up a little late. The bar we went to the night before in Wicker Park was called Shambles and it seemed an accurate description of life the day after. Eventually we needed to get the day started so I began searching for breakfast options. Since the gluten-free morning sweet options were limited growing up I’m not a huge fan, but Do-Rite Donuts with gluten-free doughnuts was close-by and my friend was down to check it out.

Do-Rite Donuts is a little storefront that you might miss if they didn’t have a giant doughnut outside (see pic below). It’s painted red so if you’re looking for that it can be pretty distinct. Inside there is the counter and a very narrow space to order/line up. That morning they had several tables set up outside the door in front of Petterino’s steakhouse, although I’m not sure if that changes later in the day when the steakhouse opens.

Unfortunately when we got there the gluten-free doughnuts were all out, but they said a new batch would be ready in about 10 minutes. My friend ordered some regular doughnuts and I waited for the gluten-free ones to be ready. On the regular doughnut side my friend wasn’t the biggest fan. He thought they were pretty heavy and thick. He decided not to finish them, but our stomachs also might not have been in the best shape for those kind of doughnuts.

The gluten-free doughnuts were ready soon enough and there were two flavors available- chocolate cake with chocolate glaze and chocolate cake with vanilla glaze. Since they had just come out of the oven they were a little messy and a lot of the glaze got stuck to the wax paper. In my limited experience with gluten-free doughnuts I would say the ones at Do-Rite were pretty solid. The doughnuts themselves were pretty flaky and not too dry. A little bit more glaze/frosting could have helped balance out the bit of dryness that tends to come with gluten-free doughnuts, but overall they definitely can fulfill urges for doughnuts if you’re gluten-free.

If you’re a gluten-free who has been deprived of doughnuts and especially if you were a big doughnut eater before you started eating gluten-free than Do-Rite Donuts in the Chicago Loop is worth a visit! Looking at their website there are several gluten-free flavors I want to try, especially the chocolate peanut butter doughnut, so I will probably be swinging by again my next time in Chicago. Just look for the doughnut statue outside!

Do-Rite Donuts- 50 W. Randolph St Chicago, IL (the workers also mentioned a new location opening soon in Streeterville)

Chocolate cake gluten-free doughnut with vanilla glaze
Regular doughnuts
Chocolate cake gluten-free doughnut with chocolate glaze
Doughnut statue outside Do-Rite that helps you not miss the shop

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