PHOTO BLOG POST: Finding a little free time to enjoy my second home (Chicago)

Between visiting family and then work I did have tons of time for sightseeing despite being in the Chicago area for a week. This was a little bit of a disappointment (although of the course the family time was a worthwhile sacrifice) since Chicago is a second home and most trips I make it a priority to walk around and soak a lot of the city in. Saturday was my main day to do that and I went with some friends that hadn’t seen much of Chicago to the Bean and along the river. Then a few times in between meetings I walked around the Loop and took in Chicago (which continues to be one of my favorite cities). Next time I definitely need to take more advantage of being back “home” and see more. Below though are pics of my limited adventures in the city. You really can’t go wrong to walk around and see all Chicago has to offer even if it’s not considered “touristy.”


In case I forgot what city I was in
I had some strong feelings about this building. Not a fan of modern buildings imposed on older buildings first off. But did it really have to be bright blue and lime green?


Despite my feelings on the last photo I don’t mind historical and new buildings next to each other. In fact I find the contrast pretty cool.




The uniformed may call this Macy’s, but it’s really Marshall Fields! And it reminds me of my childhood and Frango mints!
The Chicago River looking towards the Magnificent Mile
A slightly cloudy day over Millennium Park
The famous Chicago “Bean” (Cloud Gate)
The bean is cool don’t get me wrong, but I find the Pritzker Pavilion to be even more fascinating!


The gardens outside the Art Institute
The Crown Fountain
Not the most impressive Chicago skyline picture, but still a great view!
Almost fell over taking this pic (no joke). And it’s not even the SEARS Tower (none of that Willis talk)
This is why I love roaming the streets of Chicago. You stumble across the coolest things!
Chicago sent me off with some great weather! Luckily I got out of there right before the return of the polar vortex!
The famous (infamous?) Trump Tower

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