So good I ordered two burgers!- Dick’s Kitchen (NW Portland, Gluten-Free)

Since a lot of my friends live in NW Portland there have been a number of times that I was looking for gluten-free options for dinner on Yelp or Googling. On NW 23rd/21st there are plenty of places I can eat at (things that are naturally gluten-free), but not a ton of special gluten-free places like in the rest of Portland (at least relatively). One exception was Dick’s Kitchen on 21st, which has gluten-free buns. One of my earlier dinners in Portland I went with a friend to grab dinner there. Afterwards I started to notice that a lot of places in Portland have gluten-free buns (even Burgerville), but Dick’s was a pretty good burger and experience, so I still wanted to blog about it.

Dick’s Kitchen goal is to provide delicious food with healthy and humane ingredients, along with an attempt to cut down on processed foods, sugars, and oils. Besides burgers (including buffalo/specialty wild-game burgers and vegan burgers) and hot dogs, they also have salads, bowls, and plates (like a Paleo plate). They also have their infamous “not fries,” which are air baked and lightly tossed in safflower oil. I also like that they talk a lot about welcoming all eaters, regardless of restrictions (gluten-free, Paleo, etc.). This is the complete opposite of Dick’s Burger in Seattle, which does absolutely no substitutions, even for an allergy (I’m not bitter or anything…).

The buffalo burger definitely interested me, but I couldn’t help wanting the Elvis burger, which is the classic burger with Pimento cheese. I went for that and a side of the “not fries.” The fries were good and I don’t think there was that much of a difference between regular fries besides being slightly less crispy (and who doesn’t like feeling less guilty about eating fries!). The Elvis burger was awesome! The bun was good (Udi’s brand) and the Pimento cheese was an awesome touch! It gave great flavor to the burger. I loved it so much I actually ordered another one! And I did not at all regret my decision!

I was starting to feel pretty full (after two burgers after all), but dessert seemed kind of tempting. They had a flourless chocolate cake and also a gluten-free carrot cake that I felt kind of calling my name. My friend was down to share some so we got both. I thought the flourless chocolate cake was quite rich and gooey, but good. I haven’t had much carrot cake before, but I liked it, especially with the frosting, although it was quite a large piece. Worth a try if you are deprived of baked goods as a gluten-free.

I enjoyed Dick’s Kitchen for sure and I’m probably going to start craving the Pimento burger very soon. Next time I’m back I’ll also want to try the buffalo burger or one of the game specialty burgers of the week. So that’ll be an interesting dilemma to choose (and not get three burgers this time). I recommend Dick’s Kitchen for quality burgers, especially if you’re looking for specialty burgers like buffalo or wild game.

Dick’s Kitchen- 704 NW 21st Ave Portland, OR (and a location in SE Portland)

Pimento burger (gluten-free) and “not fries”
Gluten-free carrot cake
Flourless chocolate cake

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