Dreams of gluten-free ice cream sandwiches, cupcakes, bagels, and more!- New Cascadia Traditional Bakery (Portland)

One of my first nights in Portland I had visited Ground Breaker Brewing (a 100% gluten-free brewpub and gastropub) and had a pretty delicious gluten-free Cubano sandwich. The sandwich was made with bread from New Cascadia Traditional Bakery in SE Portland and was probably my favorite part of the sandwich. I had a go-to bakery for cupcakes and sweet stuff in Portland already (Kyra’s Bake Shop in Lake Oswego), but I had thought about checking out one of the gluten-free bakeries in Portland with more extensive options- namely Tula Bakery or New Cascadia Traditional Bakery. The delicious bread from New Cascadia was a sign it was the one I would check out.

Once I looked at their menu I was even more convinced- bagels, pizzas, sandwiches, ice cream sandwiches, and all the other usual baked goods. But gluten-free!! My friend who went with me to the brewery (and was trying to eat gluten-free) agreed to go and also got excited after looking at the menu.

My friend worked until about 1 or 2 in the afternoon and so we made plans to go after. I forget what time we got there, but I think it was either 2:05 or 3:05 PM. Unfortunately as we went to order we learned that lunch had just ended (at either 2 or 3 PM). So those sandwiches (and yes there were multiple ones I was craving) were unfortunately not being served anymore. They did have a few pizzas remaining from lunch though, plus their usual baked goods.

I went for one of the remaining margarita pizzas, a poppyseed bagel with cream cheese, a whoopie pie, and a vanilla cupcake. As I was going to order I also saw a sign for ice cream sandwiches, which is totally something I had wanted to order when looking at the menu online. I went for a chocolate cookie sandwich with vanilla ice cream. My friend (not being as gluten deprived as me) got one slice of their vegetable cornmeal crust pizzas.

I ate the ice cream sandwich first of course so it wouldn’t melt. This was probably one of the gluten-free things I’ve had that I thought tasted most similar to the real thing. Not exactly like the ice cream sandwiches that come from a box since the cookie part doesn’t taste commercial enough, but it tastes very similar to shop-made ice cream sandwiches. All in all it was awesome! It’s definitely something that can cause cravings and can cure some for those who have gone gluten-free and loved ice cream sandwiches.

For lunch I also had the margarita pizza and the bagel with cream cheese. I really liked the pizza. I’m not too much of a thin-crust person and this is almost uber-thin (like a flatbread), but I liked it like this. Light and crispy and flaky. I’d definitely be down to try the meat pizza version when I go back next time for actual lunch. The bagel was very good for a gluten-free version, although I could still tell the difference (between a regular bagel) somewhat. Just dry enough and not doughy/yeasty enough to tell the difference, but still really good.

My friend had the vegetable cornstarch pizza, but didn’t end up finishing it. Partially that was the vegetables (she would have preferred the meat pizza), but texture and taste-wise was a lot more different than regular pizza and their thin crust pizza. She went and grabbed something else, but it’s escaping me right now.

Later on in the day I had the whoopie pie and the vanilla cupcake. The whoppie pie was pretty rich, but reminded me of a regular one I had tried before. I liked the vanilla cupcake a lot. The frosting I want to describe as fluffy and decadent, although those aren’t really “flavors.” The cupcake itself was moist and “crumbly” (not in a dry way, but a cupcake way). Overall a great gluten-free cupcake!

I was very impressed with my first (of many) visits to New Cascadia Traditional Bakery. I’m just bummed we missed lunch, because I was really craving that grilled cheese sandwich and bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado sandwich. A return visit (at actual lunch) would definitely require another ice cream sandwich, a cupcake (maybe trying some more flavors), and possibly another pizza. If you’re looking for gluten-free baked goods (regular or sweets) take a trip to New Cascadia Traditional Bakery when you’re in Portland!

New Cascadia Traditional Bakery- 1700 SE 6th Ave Portland, OR


Poppyseed bagel
Bagels with cream cheese
Margarita pizza
Ice cream sandwich
Whoopie pie
Vanilla cupcake

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