CLOSED: Gluten-free food so good it makes you feel normal!- Weezie’s Gluten-Free Kitchen (Oakland Park)

Unfortunately, Weezie’s recently announced that the storefront was closing. It’s a major loss… I would be on the lookout to see if she returns with something maybe online or perhaps selling at farmers markets, which is where she first got her start. 

I for a very very long time had wanted to make a visit to Weezie’s Gluten-Free Kitchen in Oakland Park. The “gluten-free” in the name I think makes clear why I wanted to visit, but I had a couple experiences in the past that piqued my interest even more. A few years ago I had come across the Weezie stand at the Las Olas Farmer’s Market and bought some of their bread, which was really delicious. I didn’t know then it had a storefront (it might not have at the time). Then last Easter someone brought one of their gluten-free carrot cakes (my first time eating carrot cake) and it was pretty awesome! A few months ago I came across a Tweet about some of their food and I took a look at their website. Pizza, grilled cheese, breakfast sandwiches, waffles! A visit was a must.

Since it’s in Oakland Park I thought it would be a nice halfway point for me coming from Miami to meet my aunt from Palm Beach County for breakfast or something. Unfortunately the timing hadn’t work out, but I knew it’d happen eventually. Then yesterday after waking up in bed I was on Twitter and saw one of their Tweets about buttermilk biscuits and some specialty with chopped liver. I chose not to comprehend the last part, but just from the “buttermilk biscuit” part I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I got showered and drove up to Oakland Park right away.

Weezie’s Kitchen is in a strip mall on Commercial Blvd (note Google Maps directed me to the opposite side of the street and didn’t register the median. It’s on the north side of street and coming from the 95 you’ll have to do a U-turn around the median). Walking in I wasn’t sure if it was an order from the counter kind of place or sit down. You can either take a seat and be served or order things to go. It has very much of a neighborhood diner feel. There are tables in the front and also a counter with display case (with delicious baked goodies) and bar seating with a view into the kitchen.

Luckily I had checked out the menu ahead of time, because otherwise I would have spent a long time trying to figure out what to order (delaying the delicious food from my stomach). Since it was breakfast time I went for the banana waffle with cream cheese frosting and the buttermilk biscuits with sausage and egg. I did that also because it was a little easier to make decisions in the breakfast category. I wanted like four things at the bare minimum from the sandwich section and that was only after deciding I could forgo the pizza for this first visit.

The banana waffle came out first. I spread it with the cream cheese frosting. I loved that they gave the perfect amount of frosting for appropriate coverage on top of the waffle. They offered me syrup, but I wanted to taste the waffle itself and the frosting. For the waffle I was expecting more of a banana taste to be honest, but I also have a very limited experience with waffles (and certainly never making any). Some bites I subtly picked up on the banana. It was still a great waffle though. Nice and crispy. Definitely different and way better than the frozen gluten-free waffles you can get in the grocery store. The cream cheese frosting was also awesome! It was rich, but I think with the waffle it wasn’t too sweet overall.

Next came the buttermilk biscuit with sausage and eggs on the side. I don’t know why I didn’t think to add some of the eggs on the sandwich, but I think it was a big win that I even got a picture in before the biscuit was gone. The biscuit was flaky and taste/texture was “gluten-y” (a theme with Weezie items). The sausage itself was also really good (especially compare to the kind I made at home in the microwave most mornings…). I felt moderately full after the waffle and biscuit, but not excessively so (something I was quite proud of at a place like Weezie’s).

As I was finishing I made a move to decide what sandwich I would order. If I had a bigger stomach (or that liquid from the Hunger Games that makes you throw up to eat more) I would have gotten the grilled cheese, the ham and cheese, the Reuben, and the Chicken Cordon Bleu. Probably a good thing the Hunger Games liquid doesn’t exist (that wouldn’t be healthy), but if I had a bigger stomach all that food would have been incredible! Since I don’t, I figured if I had to limit myself I should go for one of the more elaborate sandwiches (the Reuben or the Chicken Cordon Bleu). Then since I’ve had Reuben sandwiches when I’ve been to Jason’s Deli, I decided to do the Chicken Cordon Bleu to go.

The mistake I made at Weezie’s was that I sat at the counter right next to the display case. So I starred at the baked goods the entire time while eating. Not a good idea… What caught my eye the most was the German chocolate cake. However since it was an 8 inch cake, I was able to convince myself it was too excessive and not get it. Then I overhead them tell another customer that there were more baked goods in the back display case. So I had to go check that out… And of course there was a 4 inch German chocolate cake. It was a bit harder to convince myself that the 4 inch was excessive. So I got that as I waited for my sandwich.

The sandwich came with either Kale salad or potato salad (went for the potato salad) and then some corn chips on the side. I took all of this to go and made the drive back to Miami. By the time I got back with traffic (and stopping for gas) I was getting kind of hungry again. So back home I sat down to try the sandwich. I was a bit worried that it’d be a little soggy or stale from the drive, but it wasn’t at all. Tasted like they had just made it. And man did it taste good! So good! The bread they make at Weezie’s is excellent. And it was grilled super crispy with some delicious chicken, ham, and Swiss. I wanted to get right back in the car and go back for more!

A little bit later (pacing myself) I tried half of the German chocolate cake. It was moist and the chocolate frosting was rich and a little decadent. I liked the coconut flavor (both in the cake and the frosting) and it was a nice touch on top of the chocolate cake. It continued the theme of tasting gluten-y (which is a good thing for gluten-free items).

While breakfast and the cake was great, I know that on return visits I will be loading up on those sandwiches and probably some of their bread (to make my own sandwiches). If you’re around Fort Lauderdale/Broward Weezie’s is a excellent (I would say must-do) stop for breakfast or lunch for gluten-frees. For anyone in Dade or Palm Beach County who is really craving some gluten-free goodies you should jump in the car and make the trip just like I did! Check out the pics below and prepare to have your mouth water!

Weezie’s Gluten-Free Kitchen- 1321 East Commercial Blvd Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

Banana waffle with cream cheese frosting
Buttermilk biscuit with sausage and a side of eggs
The Chicken Cordon Bleu
German chocolate cake (4 inch)

4 thoughts on “CLOSED: Gluten-free food so good it makes you feel normal!- Weezie’s Gluten-Free Kitchen (Oakland Park)

  1. I have NO idea who you are, but thank you! You made my week! I am in the process of redoing the website and the menu. We’ve added a few new sandwiches, putting together a kids menu, extended our hours (a little) and hoping to get a beer and wine license soon and then serve dinners one- two nights a week. I’m glad you got to experience the new location. The old location was too small but at least let us know what we were getting ourselves into. When you visited us at the farmers market on Las Olas we were just a cottage business working out of our home kitchen. We’ve sunk a LOT of money into being a restaurant. We aren’t making money yet, but serving a growing number of people, just like us, that need this service. We’re almost covering expenses, which is really good for only doing this a year or so. Thank you so much for your glowing review! I try to instill to my staff how important each and every morsel we produce must be delicious and done “just so”, because gluten free food has such a bad rap (rightfully so from what I myself experienced when I had to go gluten free, and the reason I started doing this whole thing to begin with! Whew! Long winded, sorry. I just really appreciate an unbiased and lovely written review of what I’ve worked so hard to achieve.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! But more thank you for making your delicious food! I love the wide ranging menu of things that do not taste “gluten-free” in the usual way. I think you give the gluten-free a good name, because they are delicious! I will be back for many return visits!

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