An engineering and physics marvel in south Miami-Dade- The Coral Castle (Sights)

Catching up here on some quite old posts (or posts I’ve needed to do). The other month my little brother and I went on some little adventures down south on one of our outings. We started with Cauley Historical Railroad Village and then made our way to the Coral Castle. It had been something on my bucket list for a while and after visiting seems like something most Miamians should visit at least once.

The Coral Castle was built entirely by one man, Ed Leedskalnin, who was 5 foot tall and 100 pounds. He used very basic and homemade tools to excavate the coral rock and carve it and then used a friend’s tractor and trailer to move it 10 miles to the current location. In all the years, no one ever saw Ed working on Castle. The Coral Castle is quite the engineering and physics feat. Much of how Ed accomplished it all is still a mystery.

Ed built the Castle as a tribute to his lost love in Latvia, who broke off their engagement the day before their wedding. He immigrated to the United States and built the castle as the home of his love and their children. Many of the coral pieces include chairs, beds, etc. for his “family.”

You can take a guided tour and hear about each coral piece and Ed’s story and the history of the entire Castle. My little brother and I explored on our own and referenced the pretty extensive brochure they gave us. My little brother was a big fan of the Coral Castle and it was definitely a cool sight to see. It’s especially impressive to see when you think about the fact one man built it all and see the tools he used.

Like I mentioned above I think the Coral Castle is something people should check off their Miami bucket list. For travelers  to Miami, it’s an interesting thing to check out if they are in south Dade (or maybe on their way to the Keys). You can spend a good amount of time on the tour and/or walking around and checking out each of the coral objects. A lot of pictures below from our visit!

Coral Castle- 28655 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL


Alas not 10 cents anymore…



Ed’s living quarters
The well











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