A required, must-eat stop anytime I’m in Homestead- Casita Tejas Mexican Restaurant

While the Cauley Square Historical Railroad Village and Coral Castle had been on my Miami bucket list for a while, I am not going to lie, the thing I was most excited for during my adventure down south with my little brother was Casita Tejas Mexican Restaurant.

There are a couple decent Mexican restaurants throughout Miami, but given my familiarity with and knowledge of Southern California Mexican restaurants, I sometimes felt I was missing that little extra specialness. A number of my friends from SoCal and who are of Mexican descent had talked about the best Mexican food being down in Homestead. Another good friend of mine had worked and lived in Homestead and said the debate for best Mexican was between El Toro Taco and Casita Tejas, which is less than a block from each other on Krome Ave. Before a work event in Homestead I had checked out El Toro Taco and thought it was pretty good. You can check out the review at the link above.

For a while I had wanted to compare to Casita Tejas. That work event was almost two years ago, so comparing the two seems a little wrong, but I noticed a few things different based on what I remembered. I will say that I don’t think you can go wrong with either and little things here or there probably make one or the other someone’s personal favorite.

Like most Mexican restaurants we got the chips and salsa at the beginning. The chips were good (warm and delicious), but I remember El Toro’s chips seeming a bit more homemade, hearty, and a little bit more flavorful (subtly from the oil). For our meals, my little brother ordered the chicken tacos and I got the Mexican Platter, which came with an enchilada, taco, and a flauta (all ground beef).

The first thing that we noticed were the refried beans were just friggin spectacular. Honestly some of the best beans I’ve had in general and certainly in Miami. Just delicious. My little brother certainly agreed at how awesome they were. On my Mexican plate, the enchilada was delicious and the flauta very crispy. The taco though was what took the cake. A great, almost fluffy, and flavorful housemade soft corn tortilla with lettuce, tomato, and cheese. All the fillings inside were delicious, fresh, and good quality. My little brother gave some mmhmms (with his mouth full) and thumbs up on his tacos. The tacos at El Toro taco were of similar high-quality, but I preferred the soft corn tortillas at Casita Tejas in this case (vs. El Toro’s housemade hard shells).

A few weeks after this visit (I am writing this post very late), I was down in Homestead for a quick work visit and I just felt myself being called to Casita Tejas. This time I went for the three taco platter and it sealed my love and obsession with Casita Tejas. The tacos are just so dang good! I don’t think I’ll be able to go within 10 miles of Homestead and not visit Casita Tejas. So anytime I am in Homestead, any trip to the Keys (probably with stops on the way there and back), etc. I will find myself drawn to Casita Tejas.

Like I mentioned above I don’t think you can go wrong with either Casita Tejas or El Toro Taco. If you’re down around Homestead or driving by, I definitely recommend a stop in Homestead, especially if you’re craving good Mexican food. Casita Tejas has become my favorite and you’ll see me there anytime I am close by. I hope I find myself near Homestead a lot more often now!

Casita Tejas Mexican Restaurant- 27 North Krome Avenue, Homestead, FL





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