This Miami boy re-discovers fall- St. Louis October Trip (Sights, Outside Trips)

At the end of October I traveled to St. Louis for a conference for work. My time in the city was relatively short (especially to really see anything with conference sessions), but I did enjoyed the time I had there.

During my trip I had some delicious gluten-free pizza at Pi Pizza and bomb carne asada fries at Mission Taco Joint. I also for the first time ever had pulled beef brisket at a conference event at the Old Rock House (I think they catered it in-house) and my mind was blown! Why do more (actually most) BBQ places not have this?! It’s everything you love about pulled pork, but BEEF! I just looked at their menu online and unfortunately it wasn’t showing up… I think it was done to accommodate a bunch of dietary restrictions for our group (no pork, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.), but it should be on there all the time. In my mind it’s pure genius!

My “sight-seeing” was pretty much limited to the Arch across the street from my hotel, although we had an evening event at the Missouri Museum of History. I love history, so I enjoyed the exhibit we were able to explore about the 250 influential St. Louisans (I think that’s the right way to say it) for St. Louis’ 250th birthday. On our way to the museum we also drove by Forest Park and Washington University. Wash U’s campus looked really cool and had some very awe-inspiring buildings!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was really impressed with the Arch and it had much more of an impression on me than a trip when I was younger. I loved how you could see it from so many spots in the city and that it really dominated the skyline. It was very cool to see up close, even though I didn’t have a chance to go up.

Probably my favorite thing about my trip was the incredible fall colors! This was probably my first time in five years really experiencing that part of fall, since we definitely do not get that kind of fall color in Miami. People often talk about missing the seasons in Miami, which I have never really felt personally. I really enjoy it being warm and sunny for most of the year. However, this experience in St. Louis made me miss fall quite a bit. Not sure if it was enough to want to live in that type of (relative) cold, but I enjoyed the chance to jump in the leaves and take in the bright fall colors. I also really enjoyed taking the pics below of the leaves around the Arch.

On a future visit I would love to explore more of St. Louis’ neighborhoods, as well as visit the Art Museum. Downtown was a little dead at night during the week, even near the Arch. I got the impression that there was a lot more going on in certain neighborhoods. I did a quick trip to the Delmar Loop for the Mission Taco Joint and I would have loved to explore that more.

Take a look at the pics of the Arch, the fall colors, and a few other things I caught.


















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