An appropriately “Miami”, classical rave- PULSE at the New World Symphony (concert, Events, Sights)

I had an awesome opportunity a few weekends ago to attend New World Symphony’s PULSE event through work, as well as a cocktail reception on New World’s roof before PULSE.

I had been to the New World Symphony once before, but for a TEDx event. I hadn’t been to one of the Symphony’s performances or even watched one of the Wallcasts, which are symphony performances projected onto the wall of the building that you can watch from the grass and courtyard area (they also do this with movies). I always thought the building itself was very cool from attending TEDx and walking/driving by. Not surprising since it was designed by Frank Gehry.

I visited New World in the summer to help coordinate parts of this event with work. Unfortunately it was very overcast, grey, and down pouring (typical of a summer afternoon) the day we went to check out the roof. However, I could tell it would be a really cool venue for a cocktail reception (weather cooperating of course).

PULSE is promoted kind of as New World Symphony’s hip event. It’s part symphony, part electronic music from a DJ. From my time there I would almost describe it as like a classical rave (more to come on that).

The cocktail reception was part of New World’s “Friends” young professional society. A Friends membership gets you tickets to several concerts and also VIP receptions like this one. The reception on the roof top did not disappoint! The weather was perfect (clear and a great temperature) and the views of South Beach at night were stunning (not sure if the pictures below really do it justice). If you’re a New World fan, I’d recommend checking out the Friends group. The roof is an incredible venue and the reception was a lot of fun (plus an open bar!).

How PULSE itself works is that it’s alternating sessions of the symphony playing (for about 45 minutes I’d say) and then a DJ playing (for about half an hour when a lot of people get cocktails and mingle). Throughout both there are flashing lights and images/videos being projected onto the ceiling. Very visually stimulating and almost surreal. What’s also cool is that during the DJ sessions a few members of the Symphony freestyle along on their instruments. During the performances New World also provides some background on the music and/or images/video (either by announcing it or posting a description on the ceiling). There isn’t assigned seating, so you can either take a seat (first come first serve) or stand down near the Symphony (including RIGHT next to the symphony- see pics below). I feel like this further enhances the interactive and social nature of PULSE.

I was very impressed with the Symphony (aside from the lights and images/videos). I was interested to find out that it’s the only full-time orchestral academy in the United States. The fellows are very talented and I loved their music. Some of the performance pieces seemed to fit with the hip vibe, but others seemed quite traditional and classic. I would certainly recommend attending a New World Symphony performance. PULSE itself I would also strongly recommend. It’s definitely a fun event with the lights and visuals and the DJ and starting later in the night (started at 9 and went past midnight). Definitely a worthy Friday night activity on South Beach (and it feels very “Miami”).

Check out the pics below of the “classical rave” and the time spent on the roof. I would recommend looking into attending some New World Symphony events and if you’re already a fan (or become one) you should look into the Friends society for the opportunity to see multiple concerts and attend some cool VIP events. If you have a chance to attend an event on the roof (either through Friends or another way), I would take it! I’m also looking forward to taking advantage of the free Wallcasts and movies from the lawn!

New World Symphony- 500 17th Ave Miami Beach, FL










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