Rare sighting of gluten-free sandwiches in Brickell- NY Bagels & Deli

I’m pretty sure one of my 2014 New Year’s resolutions was to not order delivery food and only eat out when I was with another person. I actually did pretty well on both for a while, but that’s pretty overshadowed by how hard I fell off the wagon on the no-delivery the last 7-8 months of the year…

So one night I found myself on one of the food delivery sites (Eat24, GrubHub, etc.). Since you can search by food type, I decided to search for gluten-free. An Italian place (Vero Italian) I had on my bucket list popped up for take-out, plus a place called NY Bagels & Deli. On Yelp and Urbanspoon it’s always interesting to see what places are marked as “gluten-free.” Sometimes it’s a place that has a lot of naturally gluten-free things (like Latin or Mexican food) or they say they are gluten-free, because they have salads and things like that… Nothing really groundbreaking on the gluten-free end. But occasionally you get a place that actually has special gluten-free stuff. That’s actually been how I discovered a lot of places for my main Gluten-Free Miami page.

After checking out NY Bagels & Deli’s website and their menu, it does indeed have some “special” gluten-free options. They have gluten-free bread for their regular sandwiches and also gluten-free waffles. Only downside was that they only delivered (at least to my part of downtown) with a $20 minimum order. With a few gluten-free sandwiches or a sandwich and a waffle I could have gotten there, but that seemed extra irresponsible on the delivery/spending money end. Luckily I exercised some self-restraint that particular night.

However a few weeks later I woke up on a weekend morning starving and I didn’t have much in the house (or at least that’s what my stomach told my brain). I was tempted again to think about ordering delivery from NY Bagels & Deli. I wish I could claim I was being responsible and budget-conscious by deciding to walk there instead, but it really was more knowing pick-up would probably be quicker for getting my food. I took the walk across the river to NY Bagels & Deli, which is off 5th St and Brickell Ave in the Brickell On The River building.

On the right is a counter open into the kitchen and you order there first before paying to the left at the cash register. When ordering, I got the feeling that they get enough gluten-free orders that some of the guys know about the gluten-free bread, but not so often that everyone super familiar. I wasn’t really feeling in the waffle mood, so I instead went for the hot corned beef sandwich.

Waiting for my order, I liked that I got a neighborhood place vibe from NY Bagels & Deli. The owner/manager knew a lot of customers by name and knew their usual orders. He had a lot of conversations with them about work, playing basketball nearby, or what they were doing during the day. It was a very friendly place.

I took the order to go and had one of the sandwich halves on my walk back. The bread is pretty typical gluten-free bread (a little dry and crumbly), but the gluten-free hoagie/sub sandwich is a little rare in my experience (vs. the usual gluten-free flat sandwich bread). I would recommend making sure to get mustard or mayonnaise to add some more flavor and help cancel out the dryness (which is super common in gluten-free bread). I will say I was a little disappointed in the size and given the price, but it’s not really surprising given the cost of gluten-free in general. I think the price is pretty worth it to have it as an option on a menu vs. not at all (and I am well aware personally of the cost of gluten-free bread). I did find that the meat inside the sandwich was very good quality and delicious.

I think it’s worth nothing this place as a gluten-free option since there isn’t many (or any other?) options to get gluten-free sandwiches in Brickell/downtown (and not many in Miami in general). Next time I will probably need to try the waffle just to check it out. In the right mood/craving I would head back to NY Bagels & Deli to try other different sandwiches. You can also order delivery (on Eat24) or order ahead for take-out (on Eat24 or calling). If you’re a gluten-free that works/lives in Brickell or are visiting at a nearby hotel, look at the pics below to see if NY Bagels & Deli is an option for you.

NY Bagels & Deli- 41 SE 5th St Miami, FL 

NOTE: “New York Bagels, Deli, and Juice” is a different restaurant on Miami Beach that might come up in a Google search




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