My assumptions really made an a** out of me, but hopefully not you!- Brick House (Bar, Wynwood)

A few weeks ago a co-worker on my team, who has become a very close friend, transitioned to another team. It was very bittersweet to have her “leave”, but I am really happy for her new opportunity and luckily she will still be around the office. To celebrate she wanted us all to go to happy hour at a “relatively” new place in Wynwood- Brick House.

I think I had seen an article about it on and this friend had raved about it before. I unfortunately had conflated Brick House and R House, given the names and that they opened around the same time (I do keep Brick TOP in the Gables straight though). I had done more extensive research on R House and it visually looked super cool, but quite trendy and more of a restaurant vs. a bar. It seemed like a place to visit for a particular kind of occasion or in a certain mood. Any mention or thought of Brick House previously and I would have thought similar things. As such, Brick House hadn’t jumped into my mind as a place to check out ASAP. I wish I had kept them more straight in my mind, because Brick House was quite different from my assumption (and very awesome)

Brick House is on 28th St, just off NW 2nd Ave. Very much a part of Wynwood and the main strip, so the location is great. The whole place is pretty open and exposed, although the area right around the bar is covered (sides open). There then is a really large patio and seating area (uncovered). Since it was a November day, the temperature was pretty nice- slightly on the chilly end for this Miamian, but still enjoyable to be outside. There were lights strung up over the patio and also some murals, so it was pretty Wynwood and a cool vibe.

The happy hour on Fridays and Saturdays goes from 5-8 PM, which is another thing to love about Brick House. These are in fact the only days Brick House is currently open, but luckily those are the best days for happy hour and hanging out in a bar. Pretty much all drinks are half off, except for the specialty cocktails  (which another friend thought were delicious). And the prices are already not that bad anyways. What this means is that you can get a lot of craft beers (and ciders!) for like $2.50. There is a special on Narraganset beer for a $1 (oh man dollar beers really takes me back to college). Then half off wine, well drinks, etc. for a few bucks. $4 Titos and Jameson shots. Pretty awesome prices!

We were able to have a good sized group (8-10) hanging out with no problem. For such a great happy hour and a Friday and Wynwood, there were less people than I was expecting. It started to get more crowded later in the night and I bet during Art Walk and other busy Wynwood times it gets packed. I’m pretty confident as word spreads, it’s going to get a lot more crowded and popular. But we certainly enjoyed the cheap drinks ($2.50 Woodchuck ciders for the win!) and relaxed vibe. I’m not incredibly hard to please when it comes to music, but I really enjoyed the DJ as he took us on a journey through old favorites (god I love Fleetwood Mac), 90s throwbacks, and current hits.

A little bit later in the night, my friend (the co-worker transitioning) came over and shoved some vegetarian tacos in my hand. She exclaimed that they were gluten-free! Given that it was her party and she was so excited that they were gluten-free, I really couldn’t refuse. But for people who know me (or long-time readers), you know I was like “uh vegetarian tacos… um…” with a judging expression on my face. Luckily the social obligation quickly turned those thoughts into an embarrassment, because these tacos were awesome!! The main component seemed to be a spicy black bean puree, which was incredible and added some really great flavor. The rest of the fillings (inside some good tortillas) were different veggies (I think probably corn, tomatoes, and something else), plus sour cream and cheese. Luckily texture wise those veggies weren’t too noticeable, because that would have had a big impact on this picky eater. I think the great taste would have overcome that though, even if the vegetable texture (that crunchy, get stuck in your teeth-ness…yuck) was present. I loved them so much I went and got another order myself!

Looking over the menu earlier in the night I thought there wasn’t much that I could eat. It was heavy on the gluten on first glance (crab cakes, chicken and waffle, sliders, quesadilla, etc.). And earlier I had scrunched up my face at the vegetarian tacos of course. But luckily my friend forced me past that. There also are some different kind of fries I could have gotten. My friend also got several orders of other things for the group to share. I don’t think anything got thumbs down. Very good bar food (and better quality than average “bar food”). The food you ordered separately from drinks right outside the kitchen to the left of the bar.

This was definitely a night of terrible assumptions on my part. Not only about Brick House in general, but the vegetarian tacos and even just what l thought was on the menu. Really glad I was shown that Brick House has a lot to offer and am looking forward to many more visits (and frequently). If you’re around Wynwood or desperately looking for reasonably priced drinks in a chill atmosphere (a state I sometimes find myself in) on a Friday or Saturday, stop by Brick House. I’m very curious to see if they expand the days they are open (hopefully with their awesome happy hour). Some not so great pictures from the flash below…

Brick House- 187 NW 28th St Miami, FL

The delicious vegetarian tacos
The delicious vegetarian tacos
Short rib poutine fries
Short rib poutine fries
The bar covered, but open to the outside
The bar covered, but open to the outside
Hard to see shot of the great patio
Hard to see shot of the great patio

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