My love affair with meat, cheese, and tortillas has never been stronger!- Los Gorditos (Portland, Mexican)

Back in Portland for the holidays!

I got in late at night (pretty typical flying back from the East Coast) and then the next few days I didn’t eat out really (unless you count nachos and the popcorn at Sports Pub at the MAC one night). My first real “eating out” experience was Friday night at Los Gorditos before going to a friend’s who lives a couple blocks away. I’ll kind of find any excuse to go there!

I think Los Gorditos is a totally appropriate first meal out in Portland. It’s a recent favorite and I find myself having cravings for it while in Miami. My friend moved off of Division this past summer and I had been several times when hanging out with her then (as well as during my short trip for a wedding in October). Not sure why I didn’t blog about it in the past. It’s a quick, casual Mexican restaurant. There’s a wide range of Mexican dishes to get (tacos, burritos, nachos, taquitos, tortes, sopas, etc.) that you can get with different kinds of meat. They also have regular specials, breakfast specials, and vegetarian/vegan options!

I get the queso tacos, which comes with your choice of meat, cheese, and cilantro/onions. Coincidentally in my last post about Mi Rinconcito Mexicano in Miami, I shared how much I hate cilantro (scientifically proven that some people are like that). At Los Gorditos I order my tacos without the cilantro and onions. You might have pieced together that it means it’s basically a taco of meat and cheese, but I have no shame in admitting that yes that’s the case! It’s sooo good!!

In the past I’ve gotten the chorizo, steak/carne asada, and chicken/pollo tacos before. I think one visit I might have gotten just the regular tacos (which doesn’t come with cheese) and they were still good. The meat is definitely good quality and I love the spice/seasoning on the chorzio and carne asada. The chicken is also good, but I just love the chorizo and carne asada a lot more. The chorizo has some spice and is nice balance of saucy and meat. The carne asada is also well seasoned and tender. Together with the tortillas and the cheese and it’s a guilty, gooey, delicious pleasure! More recently I’ve been going for two chorizo queso tacos and one carne asada queso taco. It fills me up and makes me very content (for a couple days at least before I want my next fix)!

I’m also very appreciative that on their menu they clearly state- “Our rice, beans, meats, and corn tortillas are always dairy- and gluten-free.” Generally you can assume that most Mexican food (besides flour tortillas or breaded objects) are gluten-free, but you never know when that assumption might be wrong.

Los Gorditos has an original food truck near Mt. Tabor, in addition to the taqueria location on Division and 12th. They also recently opened a restaurant in the Pearl (restaurant is in the title vs. taqueria in the one on Division/12th). The menu for the Pearl location looks pretty similar to the Division menu.

Los Gorditos is a favorite of many of my friends and it definitely is one of mine now. Given the quality of their meat and tortillas, I feel confident in saying their other food is probably really good as well. On a previous visit I think I got the taquitos, which were good, but I am just hooked on the tacos! We’ll see if on future visits I decide to branch out. Los Gorditos is also well positioned next to Apex (a cool bar with a wide selection of beer/cider to drink outside during the summer) and a few other bars, so it’s a great snack/quick, easy, and filling meal to grab. As you can see from the pictures below their tacos are a meaty-cheesy sight, but isn’t that one of the best food combinations in the world?!

Los Gorditos- 1212 SE Division St. Portland, OR (location in the Pearl and a food truck near Mt. Tabor as well)


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