Sizzle is the sound of my brain overheating from all the choices- Sizzle Pie (Portland, Gluten-Free)

I had just about one more week in Portland when I returned from my night in Seattle. I got back late on the 30th and on New Year’s Eve I met up with a friend for lunch. We were discussing different places to go eat near her work (close-in East Burnside) and we settled on Sizzle Pie. I think someone had recommended Sizzle Pie to me on an earlier trip or early this trip, because it had been on my mind for a little while. When I was grabbing lunch with another friend I had looked at the website to see that they do have gluten-free pizza! We ended up going to Supa that time, but at some point he mentioned that Sizzle Pie was his favorite pizza in Portland, along with Escape From New York. I went to middle school near Escape From New York and we could go off-campus in the 6th grade. That was kind of when I got a little rebellious in trying out gluten foods that I hadn’t been able to eat as a kid. I think Escape From New York is pretty good pizza (although my rebellious gluten-free teenage years are long over and I haven’t had it in years), plus I trusted my friend’s recommendation in general. I figured Sizzle Pie was probably a good bet, even if their gluten-free crust made it a pretty different pizza from the regular.

We got to Sizzle Pie just before the lunch crowd and my friend ordered a pizza slice and a salad. There were a really good number of slice options, including several vegan options. I didn’t see any gluten-free slices, but I was planning to get a gluten-free pie anyways. However there were a lot of specialty pizzas on their menu that I really wanted to try and I had trouble picking. I got out of line to make my decision (and of course that’s when a bunch of people came in at the lunchtime rush…). Even deciding to do half and half made the decision still pretty difficult. By the time I got to the front of the now sort of long line, I had decided to go for half the Big Muff (salami, green olives, and Italian provolone) and half Raising Arizona (chicken, bacon, fresh tomatoes, and Parmesan peppercorn sauce).

The Sizzle pie gluten-free crust was thin and sort of light. Similar to the gluten-free crusts that are like a flatbread. I would definitely put it towards the top of gluten-free crusts nationwide and very solid for a Portland gluten-free crust. Some of the things I loved about it were definitely the toppings. I loved my two choices, especially the Raising Arizona. The Parmesean peppercorn sauce (vs. a tomato sauce) was delicious. I also really liked that the toppings in terms of coverage and amount were more on the light side. It wasn’t a super heavy or overfilling pizza. That was helpful as I had just had Papa Murphy’s the night before and its leftovers for breakfast… (I do love pizza luckily).

Looking over the other options on the menu there are still a bunch of specialty pizzas that I want to try. I don’t hesitate to say that it’s one of the top pizza restaurants I’ve been to in terms of flavors I’d be happy with. That’s saying a lot since usually I just like meat on my pizza and not a lot of different kind of veggies (and really none at all usually). Usually just form that it narrows it down to two or three pizzas. I think it would be easy to convince a friend to visit Sizzle Pie for some pizza, so I’m sure I’ll be back on future Portland trips. They have two locations on Burnside- one on the eastside and one on the westside (plus a location in Eugene). They also have a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian pizzas, so you can find something for almost anyone. Solid gluten-free crust and a very wide range of topping options make me give a big recommendation to Sizzle Pie!

Sizzle Pie- 624 E. Burnside Portland, OR (other location on W Burnside and in Eugene, OR)

My gluten-free pizza of half Big Muff and half Raising Arizona


The pizzas available by the slice (a lot of vegetarian and vegan options)
The pizzas available by the slice (a lot of vegetarian and vegan options)

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