The Mainland Is Hip Now!- Wynwood (Neighborhood, Sights)

I’ve gotten a little behind on some posts recently (for the x-th time). How I tend to keep track of outstanding blog posts is going through pictures on my phone and making a mental list of worthy restaurants, sights, events, etc. that I haven’t written about yet. I noticed a lot of pics from trips to Wynwood, because I had a lot of out-of-town visitors recently. I realized that a general Wynwood post was severely lacking from my blog. It definitely deserves to have its own post and to be listed under Sights. You know for the numerous people who use my blog to plan their Miami trips and all…

Wynwood historically had a large fashion and textile manufacturing presence, as well as being a large Puerto Rican neighborhood. There still are fashion/textile businesses in the neighborhood (especially along NW 5th Avenue), but a lot of buildings had become vacant overtime after businesses closed or moved elsewhere. Then artists, art galleries, and some personal museums moved in and began filling those spaces. A developer, Tony Goldman, saw a lot of potential (by then a lot of graffiti already existed) and began to develop properties. He brought artists from around the world to create a concentration of murals called Wynwood Walls. A few restaurants opened up (such as Wynwood Kitchen and Bar and Joey’s). Art Walk was started every 2nd Saturday to bring people to the area. Shops, bars, and more restaurants have followed. Wynwood now also seems to be the epicenter of the Miami tech scene with organizations like the LAB Miami in Wynwood and offices. It’s even more covered in murals and graffiti and is probably the hippest part of Miami. It has been pretty crazy to see the dramatic change in Wywnood in the last five years or so and even to see how “hip” for visitors it’s become in the last two or three.

There’s really not a “right” way to do Wynwood, so I am designating this as more of a picture blog with a few tips and links to other posts. The best part of Wynwood is just walking around and discovering the different murals and graffiti that cover a lot of the neighborhood. Wynwood Walls (2516 NW 2nd Ave) is a great place to start and is a concentrated place to see many murals. Otherwise the streets between NW 2nd Ave and NW 5th Ave from 23rd Streets through 28th Streets are covered in murals and you can’t really go wrong seeing where your eyes take you. If you cross NW 2nd Ave there also are some murals for about a block east before it becomes more residential. But then a few of my favorite murals are a little bit south between NW 2nd Ave and 1st Ave from 21st through 23rd Streets. And new murals have also developed along Miami Avenue between 20th and 29th Streets. So really the art can be found all over. I constantly am discovering new murals and never seem to get bored of Wynwood (and don’t think I ever will).

A few suggestions of other things to do in Wynwood besides Wynwood Walls and exploring all the murals on the streets are (feel free to skip below to pictures of Wynwood):

Restaurants (though there seem to be so many new ones opening up all the time!):

  • Coyo Taco– this is a big new Wynwood favorite of locals and visitors and have some of my favorite tacos in Miami. There also is a bar in the back that opens after 5 PM with some delicious margaritas.
  • Panther Coffee- started by Portland-trained baristas and now has several locations around Miami. I’m not a big coffee drinker (shocker growing up in Portland), but people rave about their coffee. It’s a great place to sit and work or just take a break from walking around.
  • Wynwood Kitchen and Bar– an “earlier” restaurant in the gentrification of Wynwood (as there have obviously been restaurants in general in Wynwood for decades). Wynwood Walls is literally surrounding it. Inside there is some stunning art work and if you sit outside you can take in the walls themselves. Their menu is Latin tapas. The blog post is from before a menu change, but there are a good number of similar items.
  • Joey’s- Italian restaurant next to Wynwood Walls
  • Butcher Shop– a beer garden with tons of meat as the name implies (burgers, sausages, plus different steaks and cuts of meet you can take home or have them grill up there). A lot of outdoor (but covered) seating.
  • R House- a more upscale restaurant covered with art work on the inside. Kind of New American (a lot of seafood, some steaks, etc.)
  • Zac the Baker- a now pretty famous bakery in Wynwood, although alas as a celiac I can’t visit and give personal suggestions/recommendations. Has a lot of vocal fans in Miami!
  • Jimmy’z Kitchen– Latin food on Miami Ave two blocks west of the main Wynwood strip (NW 2nd Ave). They have mofongo, which is one of my favorite dishes and is mashed plantains with a protein (chicken, steak, shrimp) on top.
  • SuViche– half Peruvian, half sushi across the street from Jimmy’z. Blog post is about the Brickell location.
  • Pride and Joy BBQ– across the street from Jimmy’z Kitchen and almost to Midtown.
  • Fireman Derek’s World Famous Pies- next to Pride and Joy. Similar issue to Zac the Baker, where I can’t visit personally and give recs, but people have raved!

Bars (although not an exhaustive list):

  • Wood Tavern- one of the earlier bars in this part of Wynwood and probably considered the quintessential Wywnood bar. It’s mostly outdoors and has reasonably affordable drinks for Miami. During the day is usually pretty relaxed, but can get very crowded on weekend nights and Sunday afternoons (when it’s the weekly Backyard Boogie party). It still does not become a club or clubby bar in my opinion.
  • Brick House– a favorite of mine. Similar to Wood Tavern it’s mostly outdoors. A number of picnic tables and big Jenga sets to play with. Some good bar food in my opinion, especially the vegetarian tacos (which was a shocker to me).
  • Gramp’s- another more relaxed bar that used to be hard to find sometimes in Miami. Slightly larger indoor space than the others, but also a large outdoor area.
  • SHOTS- I feel like it touts itself more as the South Beach club experience, but in Wynwood.
  • Cafeina- a more lounge-y upscale bar

It seems that Wynwood has become a must see for visitors to Miami along with South Beach, which I’ve been excited to see and agree with (mainland Miami has so much to offer)! It’s an easy Uber ride from downtown Miami and not that bad from South Beach. Otherwise I’ll let the pictures of Wynwood below speak for themselves!

*Would use Wynwood Walls (2516 NW 2nd Ave) as your point of reference and GPS


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