GLUTEN-FREE REVIEW: Udi’s Chicken Parmesan Frozen DIY Meal

On Sunday I had gone to Whole Foods and discovered Udi’s Ziti and Meatballs frozen DIY-meal (post here). My plan had been to eat half for dinner and save the rest for lunch the next day. However none of that delicious ziti and meatballs made it past that first meal. It was pretty delicious!

So the next day I didn’t have any leftovers for lunch… My usual go-to for lunch if I don’t bring one is to walk to Target and grab something there. More recently I had been grabbing a lot of frozen food as Target has really stepped up their gluten-free game. I knew I had seen several of the Udi’s frozen DIY meals and wondered if the Ziti and Meatballs was there. I’d have been more than happy to have another one of those.

Unfortunately there was no Ziti and Meatballs, but there were several other of the DIY meals. There also were some of the frozen microwave “box” meals, but I wanted to try more of the DIY meals (that comes in bags). I had been really impressed with the quality of the Ziti and Meatballs the night before considering it was made in the microwave. The one that caught my eye this time was the Chicken Parmesan. It almost was more “special” in a gluten-free sense than the Ziti and Meatballs, because the chicken was breaded.

I went back and made it in the microwave in the office. It came out looking pretty messy, but that’s not surprising given I made it in the microwave (alternative is to make it on the stove). The dish certainly makes up the “look” with the taste, which is what’s most important for something about to disappear into my stomach.

The sauce is the same (or at least very similar) to the sauce from the Ziti and Meatballs, which I was a big fan of. The pasta was also great for gluten-free and heated up in the microwave. It held together and was gluten pasta “tender.” The breaded chicken tasted delicious, but the first one I tried was slightly “soggy” (as to be expected from microwaving a frozen dish). Once it was more mixed in with the sauce, pasta, and cheese I didn’t notice that texture as much. The important thing was it still tasted delicious. The great pasta texture (for gluten-free and microwaveable) also more than made up for it.

I was pretty obsessed with meatballs in the Ziti and Meatballs, so that gives it a one up over the Chicken Parmesan. Otherwise they are pretty similar dishes. If you’ve had a lot of the Ziti and Meatballs (although I am not sure there is such as thing as too much) the chicken Parmesan is a great alternative.

I found this at the Target in Midtown Miami. Target is really stepping up its gluten-free game and has a partnership with Udi’s, so I think these type of Udi’s gluten-free DIY meals should be available at a lot of Targets. Pics below.

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