CLOSED: “Made In Italy” but made for Wynwood- Made In Italy Gourmet Market (Wynwood, Gluten-Free)

Made in Italy is now closed unfortuantely… 

So with many, many, (many) posts to catch up on, my plan was to do some recent (and not so recent) out-of-town trips before doing any Miami posts. However that was before I visited Made In Italy for lunch this week. Once I was there I knew this had to come first. The other month I had come across an article about Made In Italy and the words “gluten-free baguette” most absolutely caught my attention. I visited their website and “Gluten-Free Baguette” is at the very top of the entrance to their menu (once you figure out how to navigate through the Italian headings). Made In Italy got added to the restaurant list, which means a visit could happen in the next week, the next month, the next year?… Since it’s in Wynwood I mentioned it to my friend and it got added to our places-to-check-out-for-lunch list, which is must shorter than my larger restaurant list. So the chances of visiting in the near future definitely increased.

This friend celebrated their birthday a few weeks back, but because of how busy work is right now I wasn’t able to treat her to a birthday lunch. So we made plans to go this week. I presented a few options and Made In Italy seemed like the most convenient. Afterwards both of us were pretty… ecstatic (seems like an appropriate use of the word) that we had ended up there.

Made In Italy is on 27th and Miami, which is about six blocks from our office. While this summer hasn’t started off as hot as usual, those six blocks could still be all the time it takes to get back to work very “well-done” (you’re even medium-well after 30 seconds outside). Bright side is if we ever got lost people could find us by following the trail of sweat on the sidewalk. Actually scratch that because it’d probably evaporate within 30 seconds… We ended up driving to lunch despite its proximity.

I drive down Miami Avenue to get home every day and from the address figured it was a little bit east down 27th. I’d never seen it on my drive. We almost missed the turn, but that made me realize that despite driving by every day it’s right there. Once you know to make a quick glace to the left going south it is very hard to miss (the large “Made In Italy” sign helps).

We walked in and no joke I would say our mouths kind of dropped open or at least we were in awe. Made In Italy’s space is just super cool! It’s all open with a warehouse feel. It has the industrial “bones” that comes with that, but then there are tons of different spaces and a lot of more homey decorations and furniture. You enter and there is a wine bar just to your right. There are a lot of tables to your left. Along the left wall is tons of wine and then the seating area extends towards the back, including a very long and impressive wood table. Past the bar on the right side is where all the food comes out and then the deli section. Finally in the back is more of the gourmet marketplace half. Interspersed throughout is more Italian products and a lot of old-school appliances/decorations (like a toaster and a jukebox).

We sat at the end of the long table and just spent a few minutes looking around and being like “woah this is such a cool place.” I’m glad I took a lot of pictures to show below. We looked over the menu and got ready to order. My friend got the Traviata salad with tuna, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, and canellini. I had trouble deciding about the sandwiches, so I did my go-to move and got two. I went for the Emilia (prosciutto and Bufala mozarella) and another sandwich whose name escapes me unfortunately (and I can’t find it on the website). I got both on the gluten-free baguettes. The second sandwich had arugula and tomatoes in a vinaigrette and then I want to say it was pancetta, because I remember recognizing the meat on the menu quickly. It tasted and looked more like a porchetta to me, but I am pretty sure that’s not what was listed on the menu. Regardless it was still very delicious (more to come below).

While we waited we walked around the market and checked out all of the offerings. The options really vary from lots of wine to pasta (including some gluten-free versions) to sweets to meats and cheeses to even Italian water and juices. I enjoyed discovering some of the cool decorations throughout, some more noticeable than others. They included an old school toaster, a jukebox, and a bike. One other great aspect of the space is that while it’s all open and there were quite a bit of people there, it wasn’t super loud. I feel like a lot of lunch places in Miami are loud from the roar of everyone talking. That was definitely not the case here. It was pretty mellow and relaxed, despite having a good number of people there. It kind of reminded me of a coffee shop mixed with a wine bar/wine shop and gourmet market that has sandwiches and salads.

The sandwiches came out and I was a little impressed with their size given that it’s gluten-free and baguettes no less. Overall I was impressed with the gluten-free baguette. It was slightly dry and had kind of the roughness that you associate with gluten-free bread, but not overly so. I was just happy for an alternative to the kind of boring sandwich bread or generic (relatively speaking for gluten-free) bread you can buy in the store. I don’t think I would crave these sandwiches individually, but if I was craving a sandwich this would certainly take care of that. You can’t really go wrong with prosciutto and Bufala mozzarella in the Emilia. I did enjoy the second half slightly better, because I think the wait let the meat and cheese add slightly bit more moisture to the sandwich. Similarly I really enjoyed the second sandwich for the moisture the vinagrette, lettuce, and tomato added to the bread. Plus I was very happy with the meat. I thought it was really delicious and flavorful, even though pork isn’t usually my go-to (unless it’s bacon of course).

My friend was really happy with her salad and already talked about bringing her fiancee here, who she thought would love it. It was a really good sized and the ingredients were well proportioned (not too much lettuce).

I was happy with the gluten-free baguettes and know I will be back to Made In Italy for the food. I kind of fell in love with the space and might see about working from there sometime. A lot of the products are a bit pricey, but I think it’d be a nice place to visit for a thoughtful gift or to find a nice bottle of wine. I could see it being a great place to grab lunch on a weekend or happy hour during the week (it’s open till 8 PM) and then grabbing a bottle of wine to take home. The sandwiches themselves aren’t cheap (especially when you add the $3 extra for gluten-free), but I thought the portion-size and quality were worthy of the price.

Hopefully the pics convey how cool Made In Italy’s space is. I recommend this to anyone in the Wynwood area that is looking for a chill and relaxed space. Extra recommendations for gluten-free sandwich cravers or Italian fans in general.

Made In Italy- 10 NE 27th St Miami, FL

When you walk in are just like woah!
The main “marketplace” part of the space
The table had this glass “river” going down it with corks underneath
Gluten-free pasta available too!
My friend’s tuna salad
My two sandwiches! Emilia in front and the unknown one in the back


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