PHOTO BLOG POST: Patterson Park (Baltimore, Outside Trips)

My last stop on my 7+ mile walk through Baltimore was Patterson Park, which I felt deserved its own photo blog post. Going between my friends’ places in Canton and Fells we passed by it several times and it certainly caught my interest. One of Baltimore’s most well known parks, it has the nickname “The Best Backyard in Baltimore.” On Memorial Day it certainly was full of people. It was also the site of an almost-battle during the War of 1812. Fort McHenry’s story is very famous, but the British also tried to attack Baltimore by land. Apparently when they saw 100 cannons and 10,000 troops waiting for them on the hill in what is now Patterson Park, the British returned to their ships!

I walked around Patterson Park for a little while and just saw where my attention took me. I walked by a big pond and some fountains, over some wide grassy lawns, and walked up a few hills. Then something in the distance caught my attention through the trees. It looked like some kind of tower. I headed in that direction and the windy paths brought me to a building marked the Casino. This wasn’t the building I had seen, but the Casino caught my interest as well. It wasn’t in fact a gambling casino though. says a casino can be a “a building or large room used for meetings, entertainment, dancing,” although gambling is a common component for many. This particular casino first started as a refreshment stand for the park and now is an adult day care center (the website’s words).

While the Casino building was interesting to check out, I knew it wasn’t the building I saw. I kept up my search. I was just about to give up when I got another glimpse. It was on the west side of the park on a hill (the hill where the Americans waited for the British during the War of 1812). I climbed that way and there as I came over a hill was a pagoda! Right in the middle of a park in Baltimore. This triggered a memory of a friend of a friend mentioning a tower/pagoda the night before. Patterson Park sounded familiar in relation to that, but it hadn’t meant anything until now.

It’s a pretty intricate and detailed Victorian pagoda and really cool to check out up close. As more of the conversation the night before came back to me, I remember the friend of a friend saying that the views from the top of the pagoda were pretty awesome. It’s only open on Sundays unfortunately, but it still was very cool to walk around and photograph the outside.

Is Patterson Park worth a stop on a trip to Baltimore? I certainly enjoyed my time there walking around on a beautiful summer day and seeing the pagoda. Base it on your enjoyment of parks and walking, although visitors on a Sunday should consider checking out the pagoda for the views. More pictures below to also help your decide.

Patterson Park-  27 S Patterson Park Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231

The main pond in Patterson Park
The slightly overgrown path almost made you feel like you were farther away from the city than you actually were
One of the many lawns in Patterson Park
Boardwalk over part of the pond
Hills to get a good workout in!
The “Casino”!
The Patterson Park pagoda!
Geometric designs all over
Apparently the views up there are pretty spectacular
More shots of the pagoda
A little snippet of the views in the back behind the pagoda (almost reminded me of some views in San Francisco)
More views from the hill
A really interesting fence I came across
Close-up of the fence
The front of the Casino
Stairs were another great workout!


One thought on “PHOTO BLOG POST: Patterson Park (Baltimore, Outside Trips)

  1. The Pagoda, located on Hampstead Hill, other wise known as “cannon-ball hill” in Patterson Park to the kids from Lakewood, Belnord and Kenwood avenues on the Baltimore street side of the park referred to – “cannon-ball hill.
    During winter snow storms, one would have to wait your turn in line just to steer your sled down the hill towards the boat lake.
    Those were the days? Just ask the Benson’s, the McFaul’s and Pitz families.

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